Help with Musica

I met  girl who learned English by memorizing Blink 182 songs. Okay, probably not the way I’d go about learning a language, although I do have a soft spot for Blink 182, but I thought: BRILLIANT! I LERV me some music, why not use that to supplement my language learning? I already listen to español and 日本語 music anyway, but now I’m going to try and kick it up a notch with heavier focus on vocab.

I tried it once before with this song, which I have mostly memorized:

I think I may switch off week to week with a Spanish and Japanese song. So prepare yourselves, my people, for some language coming your way (and hopefully some cool music videos in the meantime. This week, one of my fav songs I’ve ever stumbled across we have Tiempo Para Enamorarnos by Iskander. I’ll chose 10 words as vocabulary for the song to list below. (Also no promises my use of accent marks will be perfect.) I’ll do the letra (lyric) video first and the official video at the end.


guardar – save; keep
bailar – to dance
abrazar – to hug; embrace
acércate – come closer (you)
enarmorar – (inspire) love
demás – other; the rest
pegado – glued; fastened
cerrar – close
convencer – to convince
quedar – remain; stay

What does Tiempo Para Enarmorarnos mean? Essentially: time for us to fall in love. Aaaaaawwwwww…

Okay, now that we’re 10 words more fluent in español let’s watch the official music video. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this Row80-inspired series as much as I have. Goal to learn more Spanish: CHECK!


6 thoughts on “Help with Musica

  1. What a great idea! I’ve been thinking of watching a telenovela (I loved them as a kid) to keep my Spanish rapid. But sitting down an hour a day… I could use that hour for awesomer things!

    And… Mala Fe- La Vaca (When I was living in Puerto Rico in 1999 that song was popular.) Don’t do it.

    • Gracias! It’s probably not going to cause fluency, pero mejor que nunca estudio, verdad? Haha! I think I heard La Vaca in a zumba class I attended.

      I’ll probably stick to rock/pop for my musica. 😉

      • I’m sorry you heard it. It scares me that a) I listen to it and b) that it was as popular as it was (it was popular in the Dominican Republic and Miami at the same time- *shudder*).

        I think its a small but good step. My Spanish in high school (let’s no talk about how I was lazy) had us memorize song lyrics and translate them for a whole quarter in Spanish 5.

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