Back with Mystic Scribbles

And I’m back!

Whew-ee! You leave for a couple of weeks and… hold on a second. Whoa. What the jujube happened to WordPress while I was gone. Is this the right blogging site? Well goodness gracious WP, you went and got some bling bling. I’ll keep my fingers crossed this won’t be like that blue monstrosity you nearly forced on us awhile back. *shudder*

Before I get into things, when I started writing this post a couple things popped into my head. First of all.

Gloria, no judging. I think this is the video all the K-Pop videos reference. But then I thought, what’s an even cooler way of announcing I was back?

Aaaaaah, it’s good to be back. No job is too big. No fee is too big. There will be scribbles, regular posts, dogs and cats living together, mass hystericalsโ€”you get the picture.

Where have I been? If you didn’t catch it from the last couple of posts, I’ve been in N. Cali, mostly in San Fran, sometimes the Redwoods and a little bit in between. What a ride!

And speaking of which, did you know it’s super frigid in San Fran in the summer? I’m not kidding, I wore my fleece nearly every day, never shorts and sometimes needed hot cocoa to warm up. It’s something to do with the hot air rising and cool air being pulled in. That’s also why San Fran is foggy all the time.

Oh, so a confession. When I first did the doodles on the background of the blog, my hair was straight because I was in this hair straightening phase. And every time I drew comics, oddly enough my hair was still straight. Well, for the most part. So now the secret is out. The natural state of my hair should be apparent very soon.


#1 A little urine here, a little urine there, a little urine everywhere. When I first arrived in San Francisco, right as I got off the BART from the Oakland airport what did I smell? Pee. Apparently San Francisco has banned all toilets, so people just go in the street. One even went outside the hotel I was staying in. San Fran likes to keep it classy.

san fran jae scribbles

We rarely if never get that in SLC. We like to pee in our toilets, thank you very much! It may make us strange, but respect the culture y’all.

#2 Brandon. BRANDON! You know how some people say all the nuts roll down to Florida? Well, I think a few of them rolled over to California too and got sucked into San Fran, maybe the same way the cold air does. Anyway, they like to scream all hours of the night. In fact, last night someone was real concerned about finding Brandon. He consistently called Brandon’s name every 5 minutes or so. You could set your watch to it. In fact, you would frequently hear locals saying, “It’s about 5 minutes until Brandon.”

san fran brandon

Ear plugs are a must.

Of course, some people would just say BLEEP BLEEP BLEEPIN’ BLEEPER YOU BLEEP BLEEPER, most of the time. And sometimes they just screamed. *sigh*

#3 Dime Bags. That’s right, San Fran was the first to legalize dime bags. Oh, no, not that kind. I mean every store you went to asked if you wanted to pay 10 cents for a bag. They’re required by law to charge you 10 cents. I guess the greenies think it will help with trash, but apparently if you go get food they can hand out bags for free. So I’m not sure how that all works out. Not that I need tons of bags, I just found it annoying to be asked every other second.


#1 Beard Papa. In the mall near Powell Station and in various locations across the city is a little cream puff shop called Beard Papa. It’s actually a Japanese company, a place where I would regularly get crepes in Japan. I never bothered with the cream puffs there. But here? Ooooooh, yessssss…. I got one with chocolate cream, one with strawberry cream, and one with caramel cream over the last 2 weeks.


It’s probably good I can’t get them here though. My diet in San Fran was crud…

#2 Beautiful Sights. Even though everyone pees on the streets in San Fran, they do power wash it frequently, so you can still enjoy the city overall. There’s a lot of history, and a lot of cool old buildings and stories to go along with them. Beautiful Victorian homes are everywhere, it’s fun to ride the cable car, there’s the Golden Gate Bridge of course, and much, much more. It’s definitely a city I would visit again, I just don’t ever want to live there.

#3 Being able to meet up with cool people. Like who you ask? Well, how about Kati and Heidi of Mystic Cooking for a start? They live nearish the city and came up for a visit!

mystic scribbles

It’s been about a year since I saw them in person last. They even came up with a hip name for the meeting: the Mystic Scribbles ADVENTURE (I added the adventure part). We went and had fabulously delicious Thai food (especially the pumpkin curry). We were going to take a picture of the Thai food, but realized we hadn’t after most of it had been scarfed down. Yep, that good. We also had some fabulous gelato.

mystic scribbles

We talked about our books, our progress, other books, and just all around good conversation. I’m so glad I got to meet up with you fine ladies! We even got into some Mystic Scribble shenanigans with trying to take pics on the fire escape. You know, the fire escapes in the big cities, often in New Yorkโ€”they look cool. Anyway, I convinced the girls to come outside.


Eventually we got the pic.


Then as is Mystic Scribbles tradition, we went for hot cocoa and I said goodbye as they hopped back on their train to head south. Thanks for the visit ladies! 2013 is definitely our year.

Well… good to be back. I promise I’m coming to visit your blogs soon, so lay out the cookies and hot cocoa would ya?

40 thoughts on “Back with Mystic Scribbles

  1. No judging. Not like when Vixx’s song ON & ON starts I don’t think of that video (“Hey. We’re back again. This is the real fantasy.” Then what’s a fake fantasy, Vixx?) And, do not look at my English CDs. RUN AWAY!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seems like you had a mostly awesome trip. (BRANDON!?) Glad to have you back. ๐Ÿ˜€


      But I was afraid they’d come upstairs and get me…

    • Another thought: is it a little weird that the blond BB boy (Nick wasn’t it?) is the one in the song saying “Am I sexual?” and his is the voice cracking like a puberty-stricken boy at the beginning. Um, sure Nick, I guess… Of course, we’re probs the same age now. *googling* Yep.

      • This song would come on when my college friends and I went to the club. I had a bad habit that the first time he sang that I’d answer, “Not so much. No.” Made my friends laugh and then we’d all sing it together. (It was our guilty pleasure.)

  2. I love the comic of us on the fire escape, and it was really great to see you again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My friends from Japan introduced me to bearded papas, and their cream puffs are one of the things I really miss since going gluten free.

    Heidi and I know still needed to do our Mystic Scribbles Adventure post, but we’ll be tagging you as soon as it goes up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Welcome back! The “Mystic Scribbles” reunion looks like it was a lot of fun! You look nice with curly hair. My girls have curly hair, which can be hard to manage, but I love it. The fact that it’s straightening out as it gets longer makes me sad.

      • It’s funny to see how much hair changes over time. For now, their hair bounces back into ringlet curls when we cut it, but I don’t think it will stay that way. I think it will probably end up being very, very wavy. I had expected them to lose the red by now, too, but that part seems to be stable at this point.

  4. Good to have to back! Thanks for sharing your adventures. I don’t know why, but the thing about toilets being illegal kind of made my night. That, and the music video. Possibly my favourite ever. MONSTARS RAWR!

    • The odd thing is it wouldn’t surprise me if California one day banned toilets. San Fran would be the first city to give it a whirl.

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Backstreet’s back, all right!

        • For an 8 year old this has got to be the coolest video EVARZ! Monsters, catchy music = home run.

          Tee hee! I love showing kids old music. I showed my niece’s New Kids on the Block music vids and they agreed with my 10 yr old self that Joey was the cutest. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. When did you steal my hair and make it dark?? xD Haha! I guess I am so used to the background straight-haired scribbles that it really was a surprise to see you with curls.
    Anyway: hi, you’re back. *waves*
    Yeah, I kinda like the new WP bar – definitely much better than the blue monster!

    • They really do! It’s like San Fran is stuck in a weather loop. I had a great visit, but I think I’m good with where I live and I’ll leave San Fran for the visiting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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