Waiting in Lines

Hello! I’m still alive and kicking, living it up in San Francisco, but currently I’m waiting in line.

Why? I’m 90% certain the TSA stole a t shirt out of my bag. They did leave me a love note that they’d fondled my stuff. Anyway, I finally got tired of using my workout shirt as a pajama shirt sub, especially since I finally used it for its actual purpose this morning, so here I am at Ross with the cheapest sub shirt I could find.

In line.


Sure, lots of variety in this size of store, but an equally proportionate size of wait line.

Being in line, I thought of this video, maybe some of you have seen it.

Anyway, the weather has been great. I like it a little cooler and San Fran in the summer is more than accommodating. I’ve seen a lot of the good sights and pictures are forthcoming. In the meantime, I’m going to head to a late dinner, just as soon as I get out of this line… This is water.

14 thoughts on “Waiting in Lines

  1. I kept seeing your name in comments, so I’m glad to discover your blog. And I have to laugh that TSA stole your shirt. I received one of those notes before. Actually, I’m kinda hoping TSA puts a new shirt in my bag next time, ’cause mine are mostly raggedy.

  2. This reminds me of the main souvenir my brother bought on our trip to San Francisco: A toothbrush.
    The music in the background was the stereotypical elevator music song. We were in a Rite-Aid in the middle of the high-rise business district off Embaradero. It’s a pretty fancy place to buy a toothbrush.
    Good things about lines is you can try to meet new people. People in San Francisco are generally friendly, and people in lines are not, so you may have a nice balance.
    I’m a few hundred miles south in Southern CA, with our typical “June Gloom” – 65-70 degrees and foggy. Not quite as foggy as San Francisco gets, though.

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