May the 4th

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

SW4thSince it’s May and since I feel like it, all of May will have Star Wars references, pics, memes—whatever it is, it’ll have some Star Wars reference guaranteed.

There’s so much awesome Star Wars fan art, videos, cool stuff out there. And I think most of that is due to George Lucas being a bit lax with his copyrights. Say what you will about the man and his botching the prequels, but he doesn’t sue and the fans keep the culture alive. Some people with big media assets could learn a lesson from him.

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that there’s not really a geeky fan name for Star Wars fans? Not like Whovians, Trekkies, and Browncoats. I guess we could be Star Warriors. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we want the name Star Wars to say out there.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know on this May the 4th that Star Wars will be honored. Look forward to things you may have seen, new things you may not have, and a whole lot of hoopla. I’ll figure some way to tie it all into writing. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “May the 4th

  1. I’ve never seen more than 20 minutes of any of them.

    *ducks behind desk*

    But I’ve just been introduced to Machete order, and might try watching them that way. I don’t think I could stand Jar-Jar or child Vader, but I might get through it now. Might. I’m still not a Sci-Fi person.

    *ducks again*

    • Never…seen…whaaaaa?!? I give you a pass on the ultra crap prequels, but the originals???

      Machete order order is fine, but I fully give you permission to skip the crap prequels entirely and come back to them if you want to or not.

      But if you must watch them all, machete order is the best. I still say skip the prequels. I don’t have any of them in my DVD collection. Only the originals baby!

  2. It’s May the 4th! Argh, it crept up on me again! I love your header scribbles, by the way.
    I can’t believe you’re going to put references i all of your May posts. I’m excited and worried for you! 😛

  3. I love the films, even though Jar Jar got on my nerves lol! I’m I showing my age when I say that I actually saw Episode 5 in theaters the first time it came out? I was 3 I think.

    • Aw, I wish I could say I’d been to any of them in theaters. I’m sure we wore out the video store’s rental copy with how often we watched them (the originals of course). I should watch one today…

  4. Love that trilogy. I did always wonder why there was no name for Star Wars fans. A friend told me they just called each other Jedi or Sith Lords, but I think he made that up. One persons said Jedites, which sounded even worse.

  5. Just when I thought this month couldn’t get better, I see this – Star Wars month! Love it, and the new header! 🙂

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