Monday’s Writerly Quote

Recently you may have seen the interview I did with Phillip McCollum as a part of my featured blog series and he had some great advice.

I know a lot of people disagree with this one, but Iโ€™ve found that for me, writing everyday has paid off in spades. I feel its helped me improve my skills and maintain momentum. I treat it like physical exercise. The less you do it, the harder it is to get back in the game. The more you exercise your physical and mental muscles, the difficult tasks become easier over time.

I believe, like Phil, that with all things you hope to master, they are a muscle that needs exercising. The more you do those things, the better you become at them. And I wanted to back it up with today’s quote by Jane Yolen.

Exercise the writing muscle every day, even if it is only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writers are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the muscles seize up.

There are going to be days where you’re not going to be able to accomplish everything you wanted to with your writing and that’s okay. But do your utmost to write every day. (Hint: if you blog every day, that counts.) I mentioned a project I’m working on last Friday and while I’ve written some of it, right now most of what I’m doing is outlining. It’s certainly keeping my writing muscle fresh. It’s not the actual story in words yet, but I’m still exercising that writer’s muscle.

Make sure your writing muscles stay Rock solid.

Make a note, design characters, do a blog post, write in your journal, keep exercising that muscle. That way when you finally do have time to do the writing you really want to do your writing muscles will be ready for the task.

Do you agree with Phil and Jane? What ways do you try to exercise your writing muscles every day? What advice would you give to those who believe they don’t have the time to exercise their writing muscles daily? Have you found writing regularly has helped you? Let us know below.


16 thoughts on “Monday’s Writerly Quote

    • It seems like a no brainer to me too, but I’ve encountered people who somehow think writing should just be a superpower you’re endowed with and not a skill you hone. I’m glad I’m not alone in understanding this concept. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I agree! I also think that after we become more comfortable with writing every day we should look for further ways to challenge ourselves. Like maybe focus a month on a style of writing you don’t feel comfortable with. Just my 2 cents.

    • I’m trying that very thing now. Went from fantasy to, I suppose, drama. Nothing fantastical about it. Refreshing to try something different. So your 2 cents are spot on.

  2. I’m confused on who would disagree with Phil. As far as exercising writing muscles, I try to get a little writing in each day even if it’s a character design. Every step forward is a positive step. If I can’t actually write then I try to take some time to think about my writing projects and clear up a few things. It might not be actual writing, but it’s still part of an author’s process.

  3. I totally agree with Phil and Jane! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I feel so privileged, being mentioned in one of your Monday Writerly Quotes! I agree with you that the act of writing is the most important. It doesn’t matter if its a blog post or a journal entry or a current story…80% of writing is just showing up.

  4. I want my writing muscles to be as big as the Rock.
    I think making sure we write every day can often be like a kid having to eat their vegetables – sometimes it looks nasty, but you know it’ll help you grow. Other times, it’s easy.

  5. I agree, but I also feel that to keep from getting burnt out that you should do some cross training, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Reading good books will help your writing, and on days when the words just aren’t flowing sometimes a little reading vacation can re-motivate and inspire you.

  6. You are so right on about exercising the writing muscle. I consider everything I write to be a part of my writing day, even emails. As a professional writer, it is imperative (to me) to always practice my craft even if it’s a brief comment on someone’s blog or an email to an old friend. Thanks for post, Jae.

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