Looking for a Song

I’m sure you’ve had those moments where you want to know the name of a song stuck in your head, but can’t seem to find it. These days it’s a little easier with apps to find those songs if you can even hum a few bars of the song—if it’s in English. But for me today, that song was in Japanese.

I can hear the song in my head, I can even see the music video playing in my mind, but specific lyrics just won’t become clear for me. How do you find a song this way? (I had the same trouble with a Beethoven piece once upon a time). I only thought of this song because of Gloria and her music Mondays. So I’m indirectly blaming you Gloria. 😉

Google can be a pretty powerful tool, but you’ve still got to have words to feed it for it to bring results. I tried thinking of how I’d stumbled upon the mystery video in the first place. I think it was connected to this Bjork video. It’s a Spike Jonze, so it’s 100% awesomeness.

Sorry about the quality, this is the ONLY version of this video I could find on YouTube. I wish YouTube would prompt popular videos of an older sort to update their versions. Maybe they have. Anyway, I looked over related videos, but alas, nothing.

I tried doing wild card searches, like “Japanese singer duet” and the few lyrics I could pull out of the fog “but still my dear” (some of it was in English, like a lot of Japanese songs). No avail. I am curious, though, as to what option you all might have tried next at this point if coming up fruitless. I was thinking: post about it, ask friends who might remember, etc.

I drew upon memory, thinking about all the details of the video when I’d watched it and what I could remember of descriptions. Because I’m a visual person, sometimes I see words as shapes (I don’t know if that makes sense, probably does if you’re like me). Anyways, I pondered a little deeper and came up with a name. Shina. That seemed right, but I wasn’t really sure.

So I did a search for “shina” first.

Did you mean Shania?

No! I know who Shania Twain is, stupid Google. Okay, more specific. “Japanese singer shina.”

Then I saw it. Ringo Sheena. Ding! I was 95% positive that was the right name. Okay, YouTube, what have you got? What the—? Yeah, glancing through the videos, none were the one I was searching for. But seeing her face, I was confident Ringo Sheena was the one.

Now what? Ringo Sheena duets. The wiki page was less than helpful. *sigh* I tried another Google search, as some people use Shiina. LastFM was my saving grace, not that it had what I wanted, but it had a title. Konoyo no Kagiri. That sounded very familiar. I promptly headed back to YouTube and happily…

All is well in the universe again.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Is there a song you still can’t figure out the name of? What other things might you have tried to track a song down? Let me know below.

15 thoughts on “Looking for a Song

  1. Glad you found it! Very cool song. 🙂

    And I’m sorry, only because I know your pain. I had the same problem before. I basically wake up every morning with a non-English song in my head and I play that game. Usually, I win before coming downstairs, but sometimes I’m not so lucky.

    • You know I considered asking you because I thought if anyone out there had seen it, odds were decent you might uncover it. Well, now you know of Ringo Sheena.

  2. That sounded like an epic adventure. I’ve never had a song stuck in my head and not been able to find it without a quick search. I get movie/tv show quotes stuck in my head, which drives me nuts because you can only find those if someone was nice enough to post the dialogue on the internet.

    • It was kind of an epic morning adventure. Glad I came out victorious on the quest. Yeah, I’ve had the same thing happen to me with movie quotes too.

    • I love Bjork videos that Spike Jonze has directed. I really liked Where the Wild Things Are and Being John Malkovich. Both kind of odd but delightful films. 🙂

      But yeah, there’s apps now where you can hum the tune and it’ll take a guess. Kind of cool.

  3. “Did you mean Shania?”


    So glad you found it. You’re very persistent and innovative in your searching- I guess an earworm will do that to you.

    • Tee hee, I’m glad we had the same reaction to Google’s response! 🙂 Sometimes I think Google just wants to mess with you and see if you can be distracted by things it throws at you. That or maybe everyone on the net just really sucks at English spelling.

  4. Hahaha, and what would have happened if you didn’t remember “shina”? I once was looking for a 80s Japanese song I had caught on TV, and I knew what the title was. The problem was that the title was a very generic Japanese word, so I spent a whole night trying to look for it.

    • I would have figured something else out. There was the possibility I had the mp3 on an old computer and there was an old forum where I remember asking about the song. I’m just glad Shina came to mind. Much easier. *pats head* Good ol’ memory!

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