Thursday News

Today is Thursday. Today is the day we are supposed to hear back on the Writer’s Digest Short Story contest.

But I’m not sure whether we would hear back on it via email or snail mail or both. And unfortunately, I’m leaving town from work, which means I can’t check the snail mail until I get back Sunday. So I may be a winner, I may not be. Ugh, suspense…

UPDATE: Just got the email at 11 o’clock my time. I’m not among the winners, unfortunately. Oh well, better not to stress over it all weekend, right? Good thing I’m going on vacation, now I can treat myself to something fabulous tonight. πŸ˜‰

The upshot of losing means I can enter my short story Trick or Tree into other contests and see how I fare. It’s really short, like 1,500 words. But that was the requirement for this particular contest.


And just where am I going out of town you might ask? Does this give you a clue?

The BFF is down in New Mexico for work, so I’m going down for the weekend and we’ll catch the sights, like Roswell and Carlsbad Caverns. I’m sure I’ll have lots of pics to post on Tuesday. Who knows, I may even run into a blue box. I mean, there are a few likely places to encounter the Doctor. Obviously, London. Utah (woot!). And of course, at least once in Roswell, right? πŸ˜‰ I’d love it if someone had erected a blue box, I’d be giving a fangirl squee and the BFF wouldn’t have a clue why. She’s not a fan. Sci-Fi isn’t her thing, although visiting the UFO museum is somehow. *shrug*

I feel like I’m so close to getting the query letter done. It’s like it’s just around the corner. I may work on it on the airplane, or I may just read my Kindle. But I’ve got my handy dandy bluetooth keyboard, so if I feel like it at any point during the weekend I certainly will (likeliness is probably 10% though).

Does anyone know how they notify for Writer’s Digest competitions? *sigh* I’m guessing it’s a no-win, but hey, I’ve still had quite a lot of success lately. And there are still future opportunities for Trick or Tree in the future. I’m not going to let it get me down.

Have you ever been to Roswell or Carlsbad? Any recommendations? Ever won or lost short story competitions? Are you waiting on news that’s keeping you in suspense? Let me know in the comments below.


16 thoughts on “Thursday News

  1. I’ll wish you luck on finding The Doctor! maybe your friend should get her head examined… missing so much good entertainment. Alright, alright, I know not everyone likes the same thing, but some stuff I like so much I find it hard that other people don’t. πŸ˜•

  2. The main suspense I have these days is seeing how my posts on my blog go. You are inspiring me to think about publishing again. I’ve been so busy writing and I find it very hard to switch gears. I also keep tweaking and changing things so that it’s hard to actually know that a piece is actually finished. I usually have to leave it to “stew” for a little while to be sure. My writing is like that annoying pimple on the end of your nose. It’s not ready to pop but you just can’t leave it alone. xx Rowena

  3. I’m doing some different things with my blog and I’m hoping it drives more traffic there. I’m trying not to hang my head about the poor sales of my books right now. I’m following all the advice and nothing is working . . .yet. I’m hoping to leave the suspense behind and just do what I need to do which is WRITE. I hope your weekend is relaxing rather than suspenseful, although perhaps it will be a little bit of both.

    • I think book momentum just takes time to build and it probably will start off slow in the beginning. I’m sure you’ll build the momentum as you go along. πŸ™‚

    • I think I saw one or two episodes, but never got into it. Now that I’ve been there, and that it’s on Netflix I think I’ll give it another go.

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