The Oscars Are a Sham

oscars suck

Let me qualify that statement. My major in college was film, debating between screenwriting as my career path or production (either in art or assistant directing). I worked on a few student projects and one feature film before deciding I liked having a social life and hobbies and gave that stuff up.

You see, the thing is, the glamor in making movies is saying that you make movies. That’s it. Love 16-hour days, bratty diva actors/actresses, and barely getting home in time to fall into bed before you have to get out of it again and go work on a movie? Then this is the career for you.

That’s not to say I completely hate it. Making movies is hard work, but it’s a lot of fun, too. It’s just that becomes your whole life. Period. And a Jae needed a little more time to breathe creative air elsewhere.

So I should love the Oscars, right? Those are my peeps. Well, sort of. It’s not really the grips, gaffers, PAs, 1st ADs and art babies that get under my skin. It’s the self-absorbed set-dressing plastic people they calls stars that bother me, and all the attitude that comes with them.


Let me ‘splain something that some of you probably didn’t know. Why is the Oscars the most prestigious award show you can think of? No really. Why is that? Because it’s glamorous? Because all the stars are there? Because you want to see who wins what for best what?

Who decides on all of that? You? Ha! Not hardly. Trust me when I say a large chunk of Hollywood-ites can hardly stand the thought you exist. (I’m included in this mix, so we can feel insulted together). Perhaps ticket sales? Nope. Once again, you’ve got to take Y-O-U completely out of the equation. Well, then who does decide?


This guy. And this girl. And that lady. And him. And that other guy. They decide. They vote on each other and each other’s movies. Movie-going audiences never play into it. If you’ve ever come away from an Oscars wondering how such-and-such won best picture, it’s because these divas picked it—often for personal agendas, favors paid back or political agendas.

Remember this unfortunate speech (go about 3:20 in)?

She wasn’t talking to us. She was talking to the Academy peeps.

So they roll out the red carpet and grandstand—for each other. Once I learned in college that the Oscars are basically one big self-congratulatory fest, I lost interest in watching.


If I owned a media company, I would buy up the rights for this and use advertisements to totally obliterate the Oscars, putting this show in the number one spot. Something like: You can watch a bunch of divas congratulate each other on how awesome they think they are, or you can watch the show where your voice matters.

Why? Because movie-goers (you know, the ones who make the movies possible in the first place) have a vote when it comes to best anything in the movies. Just take a look at the list and tell me if this sounds more like what you’d like to see win.

Favorite Movie. The Hunger Games. The other nominees were: The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Favorite Movie Actor. Robert Downey, Jr. The other nominees were: Channing Tatum, Johnny Depp, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Will Smith

Favorite Movie Actress. Jennifer Lawrence. The other nominees were: Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like an awards show based on what we think is a lot more interesting than a show where club members vote for club members. (Check out the rest of the People’s Choice winners here).


Seriously, imagine if I got together with a bunch of my blog friends and formed the Academy of Snobby Bloggers. Then we could invite other bloggers to join, but only those we like.

And I guess if we were going to stick to Academy tradition, we’d have to be 94% white, 77% male, 14% under the age of 50, and have a median age of 62. (I’m not kidding. Look here.) Ever feel like Hollywood seems racist? You can almost count the number of black winners on two hands, almost one if you exclude supporting. Just sayin’.

Ugh. Guess I’ll be watching reruns of Psych this Sunday.


If you still want to watch an old, white fart decided, self-congratulatory awards show, that’s cool. I hear Seth MacFarlane is hosting, so it could be funny. I mean, I remember hearing when the first time Jon Stewart hosted. He basically made fun of the Oscars the whole time. It was the best Oscars I ever bothered to watch.

But now you know what goes into the decisions behind each pick and who’s behind each decision. Just remember when they’re saying thank you, they’re more than likely not saying it to you.

Are you still going to watch the Oscars? Did you already know how the Oscars worked? Are you disappointed or could you really not care less? Do you ever watch the People’s Choice Awards? Let me know along with any other comments you have below.

17 thoughts on “The Oscars Are a Sham

  1. I would watch the Oscars faithfully. However, as time passed, I lost total interest in the award show. There was something about the show that rubbed me the wrong way, and I never could pinpoint what it was. Thanks for sharing.

      • I love Jim Carrey. He’s another fellow Canadian I admire. He’s such a great comedian. His earlier stuff was amazing. I could never understand how he could come up with the stuff he did, but some people have talent that way. Did you know when he was a struggling comedian, he made out a check to himself for $10 Million and kept it with him for years before he could cash it? It was his personal promise to himself to never give up. Gosh, I miss that Jim Carrey… Oh, well, c’est la vie *shrugs*

    • I figured there was more than just me out there that thought the Oscars was a bunch of hoo-ha nonsense. Hmmm… maybe I’ll have to think more on the Academy of Snobby Bloggers.

  2. Problem with People’s Choice Awards is that it includes the votes of all kinds of people. That includes people with good and bad taste. I mean Snow White and the Huntsman is not exactly something that deserves an award. Avengers is cool, pretty awesome, entertaining…award winning? Not likely, it’s not exactly a piece of art, same as many other movies people decide should win. I like the way People’s Choice Awards works, even when I would preffer my non-existing “People-with-good-taste Choice Awards”.

    • I agree and disagree. Taste is subjective. And People’s Choice is just that, all the people’s choice. Plus I think we’d be surprised at those we might label as having “bad taste” if we categorized something as “most artful film” and had people vote. On a grander scale, I think many see “best picture” as most entertaining, or one that they would watch again and again. My point was I really don’t care what a bunch of old Hollywood farts see as best picture, nor what they think is artful.

      I wonder if we could include an artsy category and see what people came up with. Maybe even “most thought-provoking” or something of the like. I’d be interested to see how it turned out. Hmmm… thanks for the food for thought. lol, if I’m ever a media giant, I’ll give it a try. 😉

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