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When it comes to Superbowl Sunday, I’m really more of the “Huh? What big game?” school of thought. But somehow I ended up at a Superbowl party anyway. I wasn’t really invested in either team, but I did happen to catch the touchdown the 49ers made when they only had 6 points, and it was pretty awesome. But there were two things I really loved about the Superbowl.

1) The Extended Look Iron Man 3 Preview. Robert Downey Jr. just oozes with coolness in this new preview, which certainly made me smile. And now I’m wishing I could travel a few months into the future to see the movie. Argh! May will be so awesome, what with Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and potentially the Great Gatsby. I heart Baz Luhrmann, but you never know with these things sometimes. Anyways, the preview:

2) The Ram Truck’s Superbowl Commercial. I grew up in Idaho and I have family that were and are farmers. Farmers are some of the best people you’ll ever meet and this ad really touched me. It kind of gave me a “Yeah! Go America!” vibe too. It just brings back so many happy memories from my childhood and the love I have for small town people. Plus, love the Paul Harvey!

Okay, I know what you were expecting was a quote, and here it is. This one is from Stephen King:

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

I remember in my very early days as a writer this was my mindset. I didn’t have time to read because I was so busy writing. But friends, that’s a terrible mindset. We have to make time to read. Period. It makes you a stronger writer and it helps you get a feel for your genre and, I think, helps prevent you from becoming too clichéd because you know a lot of what’s already been done. You start to notice patterns and formulas less creative writers are using and have the ability to avoid them yourself.

I know I addressed this somewhat last week, but I cannot stress its importance. If you want to be a great writer, be a great reader. Take the time to read.

What do you think about this quote? What do you do to help yourself become a better writer? And, for those of you who did watch, what was your favorite part of the Superbowl? Any favorite commercials?

11 thoughts on “Monday’s Writerly Quote

    • I know, I’m soooooo excited for Iron Man 3. Have you watched the Superbowl commercials. There’s a few you should definitely check out. Here are the others I loved:


      Whole Again

      Get Happy

      Whisper Fight



  1. I was in the same boat a year ago, well last decade. I wrote but didn’t read because I didn’t have (make) time to read. I realized I needed to read to become better. So I totally agree! As of last year, I make time to read. I try to do it daily if at all possible, even if only a page or two.

    • Excellent advice. Having the Kindle app on my phone has helped with it, but I really rely on book blitzes to help me (where I dedicate 3 weeks to reading several books from the library). I have Pat Rothfuss’ new book, but haven’t got up the courage to read it yet. I’m still working on Writing the Breakout Novel. What are you reading these days?

      • I’ve just started the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. It’s a fantasy written quite some time ago. I’ve read it before but when I was in middle school. Reading it again to refresh myself before starting the next 2 trilogies that’s been written since then.

        • Well.. that’s a hard one. I remember enjoying it when I was younger but that’s really about it. It’s dark and it will push your emotions in weird ways, especially since the hero is more an anti-hero than anything else. A lot of people can’t get through it because it strikes them so hard.

        • I’m planning to, but thanks for the added encouragement. I really liked Name of the Wind. I’ve just got a couple other books in line that I’ve been slacking on, but I will. Glad to hear it’ll be something to look forward to. 😀

  2. Can’t wait to see the new Iron Man, and as for the reading, I absolutely believe that writing is key and though I am busy I try to make time. My biggest thing is that I can’t get into books at the moment. I am the type to devour books but since Christmas and devouring James Rollins “Bloodline” I just can’t get my teeth into anything. It’s rather annoying but I shall keep trying, eventually something will hook me.

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