All Apologies

I know, I was totally absent from the blogosphere yesterday. Remembered the dreaded cold I blogged about. It struck me down. Seriously, it was all I could do work on SHADE before having to find some medicine and lie down for another nap. Not that I don’t like naps, mind you, just not the kind a cold forces you to take. I’ve got Pitch Wars to get ready for, for crying out loud! Can’t I be sick next month?

So no Friday Flix this week. I was looking forward to talking about the Hobbit, too, since I finally went and saw it. I’ll just say this. It’s long, but Martin Freeman makes it all worthwhile. Details perhaps next week. I’ll do my best to spend the rest of today catching up on your blogs and seeing what you’ve been up to while I’ve been slacking.

Pitch Wars goes live with the agent round next week, on the 23rd. This is where we get requests for more or…or go for ice cream. πŸ˜‰ Whatever happens, I know SHADE is a much better story than it was before PW, and I got a fabulous mentor in Marieke. But I think we have a pretty slamming pitch, so I’m fairly optimistic about next week. I’m just finishing up final edits and scene rewrites with SHADE, which must happen this weekend. I know what I’ll be doing all the rest of today and tomorrow. I’ll probably spend Monday and Tuesday doing a little polishing, and let’s face it, Wednesday and however long before I have to ship it off to anyoneβ€”but that’s what perfectionists do.

But even with possible representation, I don’t doubt more suggestions for improvement will come. That’s a writers life, at least from what I hear from those who are the business. But we should take it as a compliment that they want to help our story be even better. After all, we’re in this to tell great stories, aren’t we? Stories so well told we’re pleasing readers across the globe who will be back for more.

I’ll update you on Monday with progress and any lessons learned. Cheers!

Me all weekend… I can do this!

17 thoughts on “All Apologies

      • Best of luck in your germ warfare!

        The writing has been off and on. So many other things I’ve allowed to distract me the past week. I still try to spend at least 15 minutes a day working on SOMETHING related to writing, but I’m definitely not operating at peak performance.

        Your tweets and posts have been inspirational though and I’m planning on spending more time working on my short story this weekend.

        • Oooh, a short story! That’s awesome. I need to get back into writing short stories. After Pitch Wars I guess. Are you thinking of entering it into contests? You really should, it helps with writing creds. But it’s also helpful if you get feedback, so when possible, find the contests where you may get a little feedback. Best of luck!

  1. It’d be nice to add more time to the day, or cut down on the amount of time our bodies need to sleep. Then, getting all these things done would be much simpler. Good luck, and I hope the cold doesn’t completely bring you down.

    • Thanks. I’m hoping it doesn’t. I have had to take little naps now and again, but mostly I’m surviving. It would have been better timing, though, if this could have hit next weekend. lol, if only right?

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