Forget Ambien, Try Souvlaki

In my little city, we have a decent amount of restaurants, not the least of which being a plethora of Greek places. And who doesn’t love a little Greek food?

You there! Put your hand down.

Anyway, yesterday for lunch the BFF and I had some of this tasty assortment:


Mmm… Chicken soulvaki (some call them kabobs) and lemon rice. Also not pictured here was the french fries, side salad, and pita—all complete with tzatziki sauce and something we drink by the barrel fulls in Utah here called fry sauce.

No, not ketchup. No, not even mustard. Fry sauce.

It looks like Thousand Island dressing, but make no mistake, this stuff is far more delicious. Invented by Arctic Circle (yeah, we still have those around here), this delightful sauce is hard-pressed to ever die, at least not in Idaho and Utah. I think In-N-Out could make a killing offering this sauce.

AHEM! I said I think In-N-Out could make a killing offering this sauce!

What’s in it, you say? Ketchup, mayonnaise and pickle juice are the top ingredients. Hey, we figure if you’re eating fries (chips for you Brits) you might as well go all out). There are variations on this recipe, of course. You might even have a bottle of it in your local grocery store, although fresh made is always best.

But back to souvlaki. I’ve made a regular study of this, because I like eating it regularly. And without fail every time I eat it, I get major sleepy time juju. I was at an Adobe conference I was ecstatic to be at and unwisely chose Greek Souvlaki as my lunch. Pinching, shaking, shifting, ice water, and doodling were about all I could do to stay awake. Seriously, I’ve decided the next time I have a long flight, I’m bringing souvlaki on the plane. Goodnight Jae!

Part of that might be consuming nearly all my daily value of calories in one sitting, but I have no regrets people! I have no regrets. (Besides, I went to Kung Fu after. MyFitnessPal says I’m all evensie-stevensies—as long as you exclude the delicious cupcake I had afterward.)

Junk-Free January isn’t turning out to be so junk-free—but at least the food is good.

Do you have any danger foods you simply can’t resist (like cookie dough)? Any foods out there that make you sleepy? Have you ever tried fry sauce and if so how much did you absolutely love it on a scale of absolutely loved to could be found drinking the stuff?

This post has been brought to you today by the random ADDness of Jae’s mind, and Greek Souvlaki.


11 thoughts on “Forget Ambien, Try Souvlaki

  1. Chinese food is the one I couldn’t go too long without, it just calls to me, lol.And I can’t think of any food that makes me sleepy everytime I eat it, but I’ll let you know if I think of one later. 😀

    • It’s always this particular food without fail. A lot of people have been saying, well, it’s just cuz you ate a big meal. And that does happen, but I don’t know why every time without fail this particular food gets me.

  2. Pastelitos (Cuban pastries). The guava and cheese filled ones. The meat are okay, but more so the other two. Put them in my kitchen and… “I need a glass of water and a pastelito.” “I am taking the laundry downstairs to get it started. I earned a pastelito.” “I just started the laundry. Totes earned another.” “Why did I come in the kitchen? Oh look, pastelito time!”

    Thing is… I have never tried Greek food. Now you make me want to fix that.

    • Huh? What? No I can’t come into work because I’m flying out to Gloria’s house for a pastelito. And yes, you must try Greek food. It’s 100% delicious!

  3. *puts hand down* YUMMY. I love greek food. Fries, at a greek place? Hmm. Haven’t seen that yet. We get greek potatoes (kind of like potato rounds that are fried, tossed in greek seasonings and topped with a feta sauce) here in ATL. LOL. Yep, when you eat a ton of calories in one sitting you’ll get sleepy every time. Take Thanksgiving. People think they get sleep because of the turkey but it’s the amount of food. Hehe. I guess what MyFitnessPal doesn’t know won’t hurt it. Just don’t do it very often 😉 I’m not huge on the ketchup/mayo mixture that many people do all over the globe but it all depends on where you grew up I guess. I like a good thick homemade ranch dressing with my fries. But if I can’t do that, I’d like some A-1 sauce. If I’m in dire straights, I’ll do a ketchup/spicy brown mustard mix. Else, I’ll just go without. But I’d try that fry sauce. Who knows, I might like it.

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