My Ideal Writing Space

For today’s post I drew a blank. I have other posts in mind I want to put on the blog in the future, but none of them seemed quite right for today. Anyway, after googling “blog prompts” I found this list of 105 Author Blog Prompts—not that I’m a published author—yet. But there’s a lot of good stuff on there and I encourage you to check it out.

And now, the ideal writing space. I watch a lot of the show Clean House thanks to Netflix. I think there’s a lot of stuff I would never watch otherwise on there. Well, when getting the prompt:

What is your ideal writing space?

My brain immediately said, so if you could have an interior designer give you exactly what you wanted, what kind of space would you have? We’re talking ideal writing space here.

I love the colors in this room. I like furniture with a more antique look. In fact I just bought a desk in ‘espresso.’ Nothing as fancy as this, mind you, stuff like that costs $500+. Someday… I also love the idea of a spiral staircase. I’ve ALWAYS loved spiral staircases. I don’t know, maybe because they were always attached to something mysterious. But my writing space would be in my library, in case you weren’t making the connection. I’ve got to have access to my books after all.

Also note there’s a fireplace. I love wood-burning fireplaces, I love the smell of wood burning. And in the winter it’s especially cozy.

The Newport, KY Aquarium

Next in the writing space is the bubble window aquarium. Granted, it won’t be this big. In fact, if the aquarium is the bubble on the wall, I’m good with that. It could even be a fake aquarium, less mess. Just something that hints of Jules Verne. I love the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea feel, which is probably why I give encouraging nods to steampunk. I’d want the aquarium and possibly parts of the library to have this look and feel.

I guess I do really like steampunk. Oh well, works for me. Means I can find this stuff. Which reminds me, did you ever play that game Myst? There was something so wonderful and imaginative about that world. That’s probably why I love this stuff, it sparks imagination. I think a part of me secretly wants to roam the ocean in a steampunk submarine—maybe even if only for a few months.

So if I could have my desk, it would probably look something like this. And I’d need a cushy chair to go along with it. And completely out of place on my desk would be toys, like a Rubik’s cube, one of those remote control helicopters, some figurines I like, maybe even some of those mind puzzles. This is how my creativity works. You should see my office space. One of my favorite things I own is my Spirited Away desk calendar. I heart this thing!


Seriously, if I could get Disney’s Imagineers to design my house, I’d be in heaven. I just don’t know if it’s possible to do an overall design like that in one place. I have so many tastes. I even thought it would be fun to do different themed rooms. But I don’t have a house, so I guess I can stick to dreaming. If any of you know of designers or designs that work with this kind of style, please post links. I’d love to be finding out about the possibilities now.

So that’s about it for my space. I’d probably keep building on it, add some fun things. Oh, for the lights, since the BFF really hates direct lights (meaning you can see the bulb) it’s rubbed off on me too, so I’d probably want more antique/steampunk type of lights in the room, especially ones I could dim to my preference. But we were talking sky is the limit with the budget, right? 😉

And what does your space look like? A cabin up in the woods? A comfy cave? A coffee shop? Let me know, maybe even do your own post about it and link back here so I can see it. I’m sure many of you already have ideas oozing out of your head right now.


21 thoughts on “My Ideal Writing Space

  1. Omg! Love your writing space!! Mine would have to consume and entire blog as well lol! But, I’ll keep it short, I love plants..big leaf plants, lots of light, a door that opens out to a patio outside, definitely a huge library, has to have a mini fridge and a snack bar, oh and a coffee espresso machine. Hmmm, I can’t think of anything else at the moment, other than a big desk to keep little characters on for the use of my imagination. Great blog post!!! 🙂

  2. Awesome pics! I would love to work in any of those places, but that’s just the problem… I don’t think I’d get any work done. 🙂

    My ideal ‘writing’ room would probably be pretty Spartan — one without windows, a just-comfortable-enough chair, an empty table and a computer loaded with Scrivener and no network connection!

    • LOL. Into the prison cell for you huh? Well, we all operate differently. My office right now kills me, there’s no wood in it at all, except a white oak door, and with the ugly taupe walls, it’s kind of boring. Good thing I have my desk calendar to stare at.

  3. Love the desk calendar! I’ve been putting off doing some changes to my writing space and this makes me want to get that in gear (but I have other stuff I must do first, like rearrange my son’s closet and my daughter’s closet).

    • My home writing space is in limbo right now. The desk I bought, there were issues with the desk part (it’s a desk + hutch), so I had to ship it back and today I’m getting the new desk, which I’m hoping to install in my room. for the longest time I had this crap computer desk from Wal-mart I probably got for 20 bucks. That was my writing space. My chair is still sucky and uncomfortable, but one piece at a time is all I can afford. 😉

  4. Interesting places! I would say my ideal place would be very minimalist (that’s not a word, is it?) simple contemporary furniture, my laptop, and a nice comfy couch. I’d love a surround sound to pump out the music from. I hate clutter, so it would have to be very neat! Second place would just be outside on a swinging chair.
    It was great to see your places! I like the aquarium best, though.

    • I know, huh? Why things gotta be so expensive?! Whenever I have a house I’ll have to slowly acquire it. I think I’ll do the Home Depot classes and learn to build a lot of things myself. I like doing that sort of thing, so it works.

  5. Yes, yes, yes! I love the antique look, too.
    As for post ideas, I just experiment around the day before I need to post – sometimes I start with one post and end up abandoning it for a tangent that has expanded on the way. But this is a good idea for a post. Although mine will probably be the same as yours, I shall have to do one at some point in the following week.

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