8 Reasons WordPress Reigns Supreme


I’m new to blogging about writing and having any success with blogging, but I’m certainly not new to blogging itself. I’ve started and abandoned a good half dozen blogs, but if there was one thing I noticed while getting this whole thing figured out, it was that WordPress reigns supreme.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say the other platforms out there outright suck. There’s positives and negatives to be found in all platforms, it’s just that so far WordPress holds the least amount of cons in my book. Almost zero, except for occasional layout mishaps (they fixed, thankfully, for now) and for some reason if you scroll off replying to a comment from the comment notification boxβ€”then sayonara long comment, never to return.

But seriously, that’s been about it for me. And if those are the major glitches, I’m still going to stand by my “reigns supreme” comment. But to go into further depth (and maybe convince some of my Blogger buddies to make the switch now), here are the 8 reasons I love me my WordPress.


WordPress Goodies. I like that sometimes it would snow during December in my administrator window. I like that they gave us the Year in Review report. And I like that they do things to keep you motivated, especially in the early blogging stages, like, “Wahoo, 20 posts! You’re well on your way!” Plus they celebrate when you reach certain blog marks: the most likes in one day, the most views of a day, etc. They make me want to stay on WordPress and blog some more.


Even if you make no effort whatsoever to gain a following, someone will look at your blog. I’ve had a couple Blogger blogs that never got a single hit, even with tags. Granted, the content was sucky, but I’ve had WP blogs on equal terms and received hits the same day, all with zero effort.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be making effort. But look at it this way, if WP can get you hits without you trying, how much more reach are you going to have when you do put a lot of effort into making your blog visible. Plus for some reason I feel like WP optimizes my blog better when it comes to search engines.

All this says to me new bloggers will be happy on WP, seasoned bloggers who know their tools will be ecstatic. Win-win for everyone.


The dashboard is fairly intuitive. Well, sometimes they throw me for a loop and do massive makeovers, but for the most part it’s easy to find what you need and get it done. I never felt the same with Blogger, although I admit this could be preferential prejudice.


Following is easy. You log-in, find a blog you like, look at the top of the screen and click follow. Maybe there’s an easier way on Blogger, but I haven’t found it. I usually have to copy and paste the blog into my reader. Seriously, I can’t just press “follow.” Maybe it’s laziness, but I value my time and may not have any for that extra step.

WP users who turn off their follow button should take note. It’s only ever been a couple, but for those of us not keen on putting our email in the box (if you provide it) a “follow” button can make all the difference in the world. But you may not care about having frequent readers, and hey, it’s your blog, do what you want.


Customizable layouts and widgets. I realize other platforms have this option as well, and may do it just fine, I just like what I’ve seen available with WP. I haven’t paid a dime for my WP blog yet (I probably will some day) and as you can see, I’ve customized the jujubes out of it. I think some people believe it’s a layout someone created for me (based on clicks). But nope, WP gave me enough to make it look nice, and then I added my own personal tweaks and voila. Lit and Scribbles.

I don’t utilize widgets as much as I used to, but I like that the ones I do use are customizable too. Now it’s not just “twitter feed” it’s “Jae’s Tweet.” Not just “old posts” or “archives” it’s “The Old Scribbles.” I can market my brand all over if I want to, and I really like that.


wordpress_app_icon_250x250A handy dandy phone app. I’m sure, again, the other platforms have this, but I haven’t bothered to use them. The WP app is the short and sweet version, so not everything you want is available, but certainly enough for when you can get to a computer. You can check and approve comments, reply to them, write a post complete with video and pics, as well as tag and categorize that post and schedule it for when you want it up. I often use it to check stats throughout the day as well. And you can share your post to any variety of social media you have on your phone, like Facebook or Twitter.

Also, you can access your reader and view blog posts from friends and comment on their posts.

If you have a smartphone, I highly recommend getting the WP app. It’s especially helpful on days where you’re stuck on an airplane or waiting somewhere and wouldn’t mind catching up on some blogging. It even has a local draft option, so if internet isn’t available you can save it to your phone and upload later. Big kudos for that!


The Stats Window. Now WP not only tells you how many views you got, but how many visitors you had, as often the numbers differ. I can easily look up how many views any blog post got (so I can do a top ten blog posts of the year if I want), see who is the top commenter, see what search results are bringing people into my blog, and if I categorize and tag right, see what kinds of posts people connect with most.

I love too on the traveling dashboard that stats are constantly updated so if there’s a sudden spike in views I know about it right away.


Comments. Got a WordPress account? Great! Don’t have one? No problem. You can leave a comment either way. But you never encounter this crap:

not a robot

I have Blogger blogs that I follow that even after I’ve commented with the same account AND am logged in, I still get this malarkey screenβ€”of which I will most certainly guess wrong at least once a day if not more. I wholeheartedly prefer WP’s comment approval 100%. I’ve heard you can turn this off in Blogger, though. Please do…

I like that I don’t have to leave the blog I’m reading or post I’m working on to reply to comments, and that I get notifications in my traveling dashboard bar vs. spamming my email (though if you prefer the email spam, that option remains available in WP).


Call me a satisfied customer. It’s going to take a lot to pull me away from WordPress, which I’m guessing will come from dumb ideas on the inside rather than innovative ideas on the outside. Who knows, though, some other platform may surprise me.

So, what do you love about WordPress? Anything you hate? If WP isn’t your platform, which one do you use and why? Ever considered making a switch?


30 thoughts on “8 Reasons WordPress Reigns Supreme

    • It’s unfortunate to hear blogger hasn’t changed since I last used it…. Well, I’m glad half of your posting you get to do with WP? Why two blogs?

      • I bloggered before I found WP. Have been testing the waters between the two. I find myself drifting more and more toward WP and leaving blogger behind. About 80% of my postings are with WP alone. Plus, I follow some writers who still use blogger so I check in now and again.

  1. I love how easy it is to “like” people’s posts. Simple but so meaningful. I also like how I can respond to comments directly from my email box instead of having to go back to the original post. Just makes it that much easier to connect with others. Thanks for posting this awesome ode to WordPress!

    • It seems like WP is keeping up with modern trends. I feel like the blogger interface is a throwback to 2000. Sure it functions, but come on Google… Thx for commenting! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve tried other blogging sites too and I agree. WordPress is the best! And for the record: I too hate the blogger “prove human-ness with these blurry things… NOW!” I think only the robots get it right 100% of the time.

  3. You’ve got a WP.com install so that means you’ve got a bit more bells and whistles. I’ve got a WP.org install (which I totally love mind you) and while I don’t get to have all those default bells and whistle, the trade off is that the WP.org installs can tweaked to whatever extreme I want. That’s the big seller for me. If I wanted to change out everything, even make changes to the WP dashboard code, I can. Blogger, LJ, etc. would NEVER let me do that. So I’m right there with you. WP is the best platform out there in my opinion.

    • Now that you mention it, I never felt the sense of community on Blogger as I did here. Yeah, I’m trying to convert a few friends to the WP side. If they’d try it in a box, if they’d try it with a fox… πŸ˜‰

  4. Totally agree! Another thing I really like is how easy it is to read other blogs and socialize..I love the button the appears in the top right that you just click and are able to respond to comments! I also like the reader, so much easier to keep up with other blogs posts!

    • Agreed. There are blogger blogs I wish were on WP because of all the substantial effort it takes to follow & make comments on those blogs. I think I check the blogger account once a week, WP I’m on every day.

  5. I find WP to be great. The thing I don’t like us the fact that it doesn’t support JAVA items, so for rafflecopter it doesn’t just appear at the page. I like the customizable parts of it and I utilize a lot if the widgets. There’s so many though! I hate that blogger verify thing as well! I wish that with WP you could offer google following, but Google is currently really annoying me anyways (google play=bad). I’m quite happy with mine!

  6. Yeah! *punches air* I get a few glitches on WP (have you ever tried liking and then the page just reloads, without the like?), but that’s simply because my broswer is, according to the dashboard, out of date (I’m now only one IE behind the newest *innocent expression*). However, WP is pretty slick, even for a behind the times gal like me. I’ve not heard of Blogger, but sites like Blotspot or Tumbr my computer can’t take the capacity of, thus leading to forever-loading and crashing.
    Good, succinct post.
    I also laughed at the Doctor Who gif you got in there. Win.

    • Blogger is blogspot. Samesies. Don’t know why they have the address different than the site name… Yeah, the Doctor Who gif made me laugh, once I saw it I knew it HAD to go in. Sheesh Miss Alex, you need a computer upgrade in a serious way. πŸ˜‰

      • Ah, I see. Yeah, that’s weird. You can tell I’ve spent little time on it.
        Haha, I do indeed! I’m getting a laptop for my 18th and uni, though, so I’m hoping to get Chrome on that.

  7. I also love WordPress. πŸ™‚ I was super excited when I first saw the lovely snowing effects in December. I’m already looking forward to next winter season to see what WP comes up with then. πŸ™‚

  8. WordPress is definitely my platform and I love it. ❀ Like you I've also tried different blogging sites Blogger, Thoughts and another one that I can't remember, but I didn't like the way things were setup some of them don't even have like buttons. Yep WP is my blogging site of choice. πŸ™‚
    Awesome post

  9. I love the social-networking aspect of WordPress – with the notification bar and etc. It makes it smooth to connect, look, and go back to visit again. I’ve used Blogger, and feel sad I can’t just click that follow button at the top. I love most getting the orange glowing square, and easily seeing someone’s reply to my comment.

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