My Fantasy Circle of Five

circle of five

My friend Emmie Mears recently posted about this quote, something she found on WordPress:

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

But she gave it a twist. Since she’s a writer, she turned that into which five people from fantasy worlds would she like to spend her time with. Check out her answers here.

I think this makes for a great writers post, so I’m turning it into a tagging post, mostly because there’s some people whose answers I’d like to hear. But first, here’s my fantasy circle of five.


David-Tennant-as-Doctor-WhoI’m sure some of you guessed it. Why, the Doctor of course! And not just any Doctor, but the David Tennant Doctor in particular. I’ve always, always, ALWAYS wanted to time travel as well as space travel and with the Doctor you can do both. I’d want him to park the TARDIS right on the ring of Saturn and open the door so I could see it up close. I’d probably make him do that with every planet in our galaxy, and then, anything and everything. Besides, if he’s 900+ years old, there’s a lot I’d like to ask him about.


1800807-lara_croftLara Croft. Well, yeah, I’d love to be her for a day, but I also wouldn’t mind being with her for a few conversations too.

Besides, as Emmie pointed out during one of our comment chats, she can pick up the bill for this fantasy five party—she’s loaded. I’d love to see what routine she goes through from training and get some gun tips from her.


imagesMacGyver. He was my hero growing up. I always tried to fashion things into MacGyverisms. I even took Physics classes hoping I could be like him. Yeah, they’re more boring than you think, even the kid’s classes. They don’t have to be though! Maybe someday I’ll find some smartypants engineer and get a cool science summer class going for kids who would be interested in knowing useful things. I always thought applied science and math would be more interesting to kids these days than just memorize it because I said so.

Anyways, I’m sure MacGyver and I would get into arguments about guns. I’d probably start to list the 100 times he could have avoided dangerous entanglements if a gun had been available. Like every single Murdock episode ever! But I’d also just enjoy going on a few adventures, even if he’s going to go all Batman on me about guns. To each their own.


ZhaanZotoh Zhaan. I always found her a fascinating character on Farscape. I don’t agree with some of her philosophies, but I’d still be fascinated to learn about her culture, how she sees the universe and why. I think I could learn a lot about being both soft and strong. I like the idea of being someone that can make others feel comfortable and safe around them, but at the same time when things get rough, so can I. That’s one thing I like about martial arts. The whole time they’re teaching you the philosophies of peace and respect for others, but if someone tries to disrupt your peace a violent way, you take care of them—period. I’d probably like to listen to her converse with my other fantasy picks. Plus she “evolved” from a plant. That in itself makes for interesting conversation.


HomeMovies4StillcapThe Home Movies crew: Brendon, Jason, and Melissa. I’d want to co-produce a project with them. Let’s bring Dwayne in on the project and make some kind of rocking musical—something never before seen. I’m sure they could come up with something great, and I’d even provide the pizza and candy. No seriously, I’d love to see what movie they’d come up with. How could you not when you see something like this?


Now it’s your turn. Consider yourself tagged, although there are a few people I want to hear from so I’m going to tag them right now. Amal, Mystic Cooking gals, Brian, Daphne, Miss Alexandrina, Gloria. Who would be your fantasy five picks? Whoever decides to participate, feel free to use the graphic above. Sometimes when I’m in my graphic design mood, I just create.

And for those of you not willing to do a whole blog post about it? Who would some of your fantasy picks be? Let me know in the comments below.


19 thoughts on “My Fantasy Circle of Five

    • I figured most would have to do it post-Christmas. Now I’m looking forward to your post. Who will it be? Hmmm… And I wonder if any of them will be musicians? Guess I’ll have to see. 😀

  1. Eee, I actually have a list of five (and more) fictional characters I’d like to meet, so this shouldn’t be too hard. Of course, The Doctor is my #1, too! 😉 Thanks for the tag!

  2. Great Post,

    If you don’t mind, I would like to submit my favorite five. Just because the world is going to end on Friday. Might as well throw it out there now.

    1.Mr. T -Because he is a bad man and no matter what trouble I get into, he can protect me.
    2.President Clinton-Any restaurant, anytime. When he walks in, he goes to the front of the line.
    3.David Lee Roth-Any party, anytime.
    4.Warren Buffett-You have got to pay for this deal somehow.
    5.Lindsey Lohan-No matter what the other four do, she will get the blame.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. I’ll do this post holidays (Wednesday more than likely), promise. Right now I am focused on over coming a cold I got from my lil man. Instead of getting better the cold gets a little worse every day.

  4. This is awesome! Thanks for tagging me.. this is going to take some serious thought and be majorly fun!

    I’m with you — I’d love to hang out with Lara Croft just so I could copy her training routine! 😉

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