A Short Theater Post

I’m sorry you guys, I feel like this biggest slacker this week, even though I know it’s only Tuesday. Life has been crazy busy and not just for Pitch Wars reasons. Plus I think I may be getting a sinus infection, at least I’ve had bad headaches in that area the last couple of days. No writing at all has been going on and it’s killing me.

But enough whining. Let’s talk about how the other day I was watching Clean House, and for the show that day they bought them some of these:

theater seats

Okay, not these exact ones, but that’s why I got on that website in the first place. Isn’t that the raddest thing you’ve ever seen for a movie room? I know, they’re pricey, but I don’t even own a house, so this is a distant future wishlist item. I’d love to get a digital projector and deck out the room with these and red velvet curtains and maybe a few select movie posters. It would be a project well worth working on.


Perhaps something like this, but on a slightly less grand scale. Red chairs would be nice too…

I’m fairly certain I could pull this off in the less than $10K range, but it might have to be a work in progress for awhile. I’m not opposed to buying older things and re-purposing them. But like I said, distant future.

What about you? If you could do one thing to your home or future home, basically one room, what would be your desire? What room what you transform into fabulous and what way? Let me know below. And Happy Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “A Short Theater Post

  1. I hope you feel better! House-wise, I’d want more bookshelves, I never have enough shelf space, lol. A few years back when I was sick with a sinus cold and stuck inside feeling miserable, my little brother went out into my grandparents’ shed and made me a beautiful wooden bookshelf to make me feel better! I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. So I’d like a room full of bookselves that look just like his 😀

  2. Feel better soon. I’m redoing my bathroom at the start of next year. I want a penny tiled counter around my sink. I also want to remove the wall behind my shower and replace it with a panel, so should anything go wrong, we can get at all the pipes easily. (There’s a reason we are redoing the bathroom…) I want an adjustable height, hand held shower head in nickle or rubbed bronze. But i can’t do everything I want as it is our only bathroom, so ceramic tile is out (thinking vinyl faux wood tile).

    • You’ll have to post pics when you finish. Penny-tiled sounds pretty sweet. There’s a wood-fired oven here that is lined with pennies on the outside. It looks cool.

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