My 100th Post Party

100 posts scribbles

Sorry my peeps, no Friday Flix this week, because I realized last week or so that I was fast approaching 100 posts. It’s hard to believe I could think of 100 things to write about. And if we’re being honest, I’d have to thank Row80 for making a lot of those posts possible.

But as is Scribbles tradition here, we celebrate benchmarks, and to do that I’m presenting a bit of Lit and Scribbles history with the top ten posts that you liked best (based on views of all time), and some comics for your enjoyment. This is a momentous Scribbles occasion after all.


The Next Big Thing. This is a blog hop post I was tagged to do by Brian, which explains in further detail things about my novel. If you haven’t done one, consider yourself tagged. It helps prospective agents and your readers know more on what exactly your book is about. I especially found the actor/actress who would play your characters section helpful, because now I’ve gathered photos of what I picture my characters look like. It takes a lot of time, but I think it’s worth it.

jae scribbles tardis


sempre darhowerHelping Your Designer. This was the 4th post in the How to Design Your Book Cover series. As a graphic designer, and a frequenter of Twitter, I was slightly appalled at some of the self-pub covers I saw floating around. My recommendation is that you hire a pro to get it done. Even a college student working their way through the graphic design program is preferable. I think this post got big kudos because I featured J.M. Darhower’s book cover Sempre. Nice, isn’t it? Thanks again, J.M. for letting me post your cover, and because I appreciate it so much, here’s a comic of you taking a ride in a Lincoln.



How to Write a Novel Part 6. This is the 6th part of my How to Write a Novel series in which George Lucas and Ernest Hemingway duke it out. But also, I explain why sometimes after all the research and notes and everything at some point, you just need to get that first draft out. Just do it! It’s easier to build on something than nothing. Your first draft will be rubbish, period. Might as well get it over with and get going on your better drafts.

And coming back for their second appearance in Scribbles history is George Lucas and Ernest Hemingway. Who do you think won the fight? What do you think happened? Let’s take a look and see.



Jae vs. the River. This post had nothing to do with writing and everything to do with me bashing my leg into a rock while rafting and splitting it open so wide you could see the bone. Fourteen stitches and four months later, I’m think my leg’s looking pretty good.

leg scar

Think the ER is expensive without insurance? Well it still is with! I ended up paying ~$300 for this crazy mess. If I’d known, I would have forced them to drive me to the Urgent Care in Idaho Falls. Sure it’s 1 to 1.5 hours drive, but shock was on my side, and my wallet would be happier. I guess that’s the price of convenience. Despite the expense, I’m still glad I was able to get in and see a doctor immediately. Yes, healthcare is pricey in America, but it’s because we get care almost instantaneously. I’ll take that over “free” (prepaid is more accurate) and forever waiting any day.


Thank You Times 100! When I reached 100 followers, I thought what better way to thank them than transform them into comic form? So I did. Well, okay, not all 100. That would be crazy! But I took my top 10 commenters and gave them the Scribbles treatment. Thanks again to my now 135 followers. You guys rock!

And just cuz I felt like it, I’m going to turn one of you into a comic. Who’s the lucky winner? Why that would be my new friend Emmie Mears whom I met during Pitch Wars and whose blog I’ve come to love and enjoy. Congrats Emmie!



Judge a Book by Its Cover. This is the first post in my How to Design Your Book Cover series, where I overstress the importance of putting at least half the effort into your cover as you did your book. Hire a professional. But if you refuse, I give you a few tips so that your cover can look a little less flab and a little more fab.

Remember, how you design it matters, as I illustrated by mashing up Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Twilight. Somehow I find the mash up very appealing. Okay fans, time to do some fan fic!

diary of a vampy kid


Friday Flix: Skyfall. I decided to start reviewing movies on Fridays because it’s something I love, plus I think we can learn things about how to do story well, or what not to do from this cinematic art. I know a lot of you probably LOVED Skyfall. Well, I didn’t. You can click on the review to find out why, I’m going to draw comics.



Get Curious About Yellow. In this post I encouraged everyone to get curious about the things they love. For me it was this odd video:

Which led to a whole slew of things, including Word Jazz & Jim Henson. Never take anything for granted, look up its origins. You never know what you might be missing out on.


thingsilove jae scribblesthings i love. I decapped the i on purpose you know. But aside from that, this has been one of my favorite posts because a lot of you decided you would participate in telling me about things you love. It’s been a blast to read these posts as well as learn more about you and just learn more about things to love in general. It’s still ongoing, so if you’d like to participate, just pingback to this post or the original things i love post after you’ve written a post about something you love. Feel free to use the graphic I’ve posted here on your on post. Share what you love people! Share what you love!

I think most of you who’ve been following the blog know what’s coming. And is it really any surprise? Who doesn’t love comics? I certainly love creating them. May I present to you, the most popular post of Scribbles history:


Pitch Wars History. For those who don’t know, Pitch Wars is a contest where if you are selected, you will be mentored by an industry professional who will help you improve your novel and prepare a pitch to present to participating agents. It’s not a guarantee you’ll be represented, but you get shoved to the front of the line of their attention.

They announced the winners on Wednesday, and for those who might have missed it, I was selected for mentoring by Marieke. Woot! Before we even get to the novel, I know what we’re going to do first.

jae scribbles doctor who


And there you have it, the top ten most viewed posts for my 100th post here at Lit and Scribbles. Thanks to all of you who have encouraged and inspired me. Join me sometime next week for the 5000 views party. I’m not sure what it will be yet, but I’m sure comics will be involved. Have a great weekend!

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    But seriously. 😀 You are lovely, and thank you for the shoutout! As soon as I am not heading off to a double shift *cringes* I shall check out all these posts!

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