Fabulous Blog Awards from Fabulous Friends

Today I’m going to play catch up with blog award nominations because I appreciate the friends who nominated me and since I haven’t had the time previously to do these posts, I’ve gathered them all here in one fail swoop. Most of these require me sharing 7 random things about myself. But since I’ve been asked to share 7 random things 7 times, I’m not sure if I can come up with, nor if you want to hear 49 things. So let’s do 20 and call it evensies.


Let’s start with the nominations that include 7 random things. I’ll get to the other award(s) after that. First up we have the Versatile Blog award, my nomination by Heart of Paradise. Thank you Heart, I’m glad to know you and to keep getting to know you. It was fun reading through your 7 random things. I heart most things Disney too. And I’m proceeding cautiously optimistic with Disney’s new purchase of Star Wars. It will be a day long remember, whatever happens.

For the Versatile Blogger Award I nominate Ryan King, who inspires me to keep going on my own goals with Row80, whether related to writing or not. And he’s a genuine guy I’m glad to know.


Next up is the One Lovely Blog Award, which I’ve been nominated for before by Daphne. This time the nomination comes from the lovely Amal who blogs over at the Misfortune of Knowing. Thanks Amal! I envy your ability to read 2-3 books per week. Maybe it’s because I’m reading quite a thick one right now. Probably it’s because I’m a slacker. But I’ll strive to live up to your example. 😀

For the One Lovely Blog award, I nominate Chelsea over at the Jenny Mac Book Blog. I’m sure she’s been nominated for this award before as she has a substantial readership, but when I thought of lovely blogs, hers came to mind and there you have it.



Jen Adams nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. She revealed she loves to snowboard, and so do I. Or rather did. Don’t hate, Jen, I recently switched back to skiing. The thing is I live within 45 minutes of 7 major ski resorts and the top resort in the nation, Deer Valley, only takes skiers. Plus the BFF is a hard core skier, so there you have it. But I still have my fond memories of snowboarding. Thanks for the award!

For the Beautiful Blogger Award, I nominate El of Running From Hell with El. She has a beautiful story of how she rose from a very troubled childhood and depression to a more positive and better place. She still struggles, but she holds strong, an inspiration to all those who follow her blog.



The Sunshine Blogger Award nomination came from Meiro, a lovely woman who writes equally lovely poetry. I check nearly every day for what she’s written. Her poetry is uniquely her own and for me always inspires fantastic imagery. I just enjoy hearing her voice through her poetry. You should give her blog a look. Thank you Meiro!

I’m happy to think I’m associated with Sunshine. 😀 The blogger I’d like to nominate for this award is Moonstone Maiden. She’s always very complimentary in her comments. Thanks for being my friend on the blogosphere.



The Inspiring Blogger award actually came from 2 individuals, both Meiro from above and Cassandra over at C Giovanni Writes. Cassandra in her nomination revealed she wouldn’t want to be a teenager again, and I couldn’t agree with her more. I’m quite content having a career and being able to do whatever I please and travel the world. Being an adult: A+

The bloggers I would nominate for this award has to be the Sweet Kitten and the Viking over at Cosy Travels. They post pictures of their travels quite frequently on their blog, and mind you, these aren’t just any pics, but often breathtaking and inspiring pictures of fabulousness. If you can walk away from this blog and not want to immediately pack your suitcase for travel there’s something wrong with you I can’t understand! 😉 But seriously, for those of us writers who can’t travel as frequently as they do, take a look at their pictures. They capture the essence of where they’ve been and, at least for me, spark the imagination for writing. Go there!


Yeah, I’m definitely not going to do 49. I promise you I’d get bored before you could even consider it. We’ll see if even 20 is pushing it. It was, so I’m switching it to 15… By the way, the rules for nomination for all of these previous blog awards is this:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them. (Obviously you don’t have to do 15).
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Okay, onto the random things about me:

Neil Diamond1. I really like Neil Diamond. It’s true, I’ve seen Jazz Singer and I always get teary-eyed when they play “Coming to America” at the 4th of July fireworks. Plus he’s a lot of fun to sing along to. I think this has something to do with my mother and grandmother LOVING him.

amazon2. I live on Amazon.com. It’s a good thing they don’t charge me rent. Or I guess they do in the form of all the money I willingly hand them on a nearly weekly basis. I love their Cloud Player for my music. I’ve been using this album while I write. And I’m a prime member who loves me my 2-day shipping. Yeah, Amazon pretty much owns my soul.

3. I really, really, really, really, like to karaoke! I own an Entertech mic, which is basically like a Leadsinger. It has 2000+ songs on it, plus the chips I’ve added. Whenever a friend of mine comes to visit we sing until we’re hoarse. I also do something I like to call car-aoke—which is karaoke in the car. I keep instrumental versions of certain songs on my phone for those long drives. One of those certain songs is this one.

4. And speaking of certain songs, I’m a big fan of ’80s power ballad bands. I love working out to their music. To name a few, I love: Journey, Kansas, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Boston, .38 Special, and so much more.

5. I sort of speak 3 languages. By sort of, I mean I can speak conversational español and basic 日本語 (Japanese). Sometimes Gloria and I practice both in the comments sections of our blogs. No hablo estas idiomas muy perfecto, pero だいすきですよ!

6. I like skiing and snowboarding. As I said above, I live within 45 minutes of seven major ski resorts. It’s pretty much paradise for an outdoorsy person here. Woot!


Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing—er, foot…

7. The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten is chicken’s feet. At this dim sum place in my city, you can get the feet as well as other delicious things (especially if you love shrimp). I used to have this Kung Fu master who LOVED chicken’s feet, hence the reason I tried it. It tastes okay, just kind of weird and obviously not much meat on it. Now I only ever try it if I take someone new to the restaurant who wants to try it.

8. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in film, with an emphasis on screenwriting and production. Why aren’t I working in film you say? Well, I tried it. While I loved it, here’s the thing. You work 16-hour days and never see anyone, never have time for hobbies, and I just didn’t like that. Why not write a screenplay? Well, I still may, but the nice thing about my film school was we learned A LOT about how to craft story. I think it’s done nothing but add to my experience in a positive way. And I use a lot of what I learned at film school in my partly graphic design, partly video production day job.

9. I was the biggest freakin’ tomboy as a youngin’. You’d never know it with how I dress now. T-shirt and jeans was my everyday repertoire, but now I’m all professional—and I like it. In fact most t-shirts I own are just for working out. I’m trying to weed out the last of the t-shirts and replace them with casual, but more adult, girly clothes. That idea may horrify some of you, but I have noticed ever since I started dressing for success it seems like I’m attracting way more of it. Give it a try.

10. I lived in Japan for about 8 months teaching English. That’s why I’ve got big heart love for all things Japan.

11. I can play the piano, guitar, and technically the flute—though all three I haven’t really messed around with much lately, especially not the flute. Piano was my first with lessons for probably around 5 years. Guitar I picked up next, sometimes with lessons, but I got to be pretty decent until I went to Japan and didn’t play for a year. I still play on the weekends sometimes, but I’m far less good than I used to be. Flute I did for a year or two in elementary school. I could probably figure things out, but I don’ really care for the flute anymore.

12. I love to travel. I’ve been all over the Western US, to a few parts in the East, and to Hawaii. Internationally I’ve been to Japan, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Mexico. I’ve still got quite a lengthy list to fill. I’d love to check out Europe, China, India, South America, and perhaps even one day just to say I’ve been there, Antarctica. Oh, can’t forget Australia and New Zealand. Yeah, I’m good with all over.

13. I can drive on the snow. No seriously, I was raised in Idaho and we don’t salt our roads, so my snow-driving skill are top notch. Unfortunately many Utahans (which we suspect were former Californians—they all move up here when they get sick of high costs and taxes) still don’t know how to drive on the snow even though we get gobs of it every year. So it’s pretty intense, driving on slick roads, watching out for other terrible drivers, and insane jaywalkers who somehow forget cars don’t stop as well on icy roads.

14. Speaking of Idaho, I’m true Idahoan. I love me my potatoes. I’ve got a plethora of potato recipes, some of which include spudnuts (potato doughnuts) and a hundred ways to do a potato bar. Mmm!

15. My favorite hike ever has got to be the Tablerock hike up on the border of Idaho/Wyoming. It’s as close as you can get to the Grand Tetons without actually hiking on them. You can practically throw rocks at them and hit them. But you can generally only hike this hike in August, maybe early September. It’s covered with snow otherwise. I’ve been on it probably 4 or 5 times and one of those times was with 3 inches of snow up on Tablerock. It’s a 14-mile RT hike, but all worth it.

View of the Grands from Tablerock

View of the Grands from Tablerock

Table Rock Wyoming

View of the valley. You can see the trail leading up to Table Rock.

And there you have it. 15 random things about me.


Jen Adams also nominated me for the Blog of the Year award. You’re far too kind for double-tapping with awards, Jen. I follow Jen’s adventures in being a single mom, and appreciate her unique perspective on life she expresses in each post. Plus, she’s a tough military girl—that’s cool in and of itself.

What do you do for the Blog of the Year award? Well, first…

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  5. You can also join the Facebook group – click like on the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience.
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Brian TaylorI’m going to pass this award onto my very good blogging friend Brian, who doesn’t really do blogger awards, but that’s okay. I can still nominate him. Brian’s been my co-pilot in the blogosphere and we constantly encourage each other to become better writers and ultimately published. We’re both currently entered in Pitch Wars, so keep your fingers crossed for us, will ya?

Brian’s blog is full of good writing advice, and really good music. Make sure you check out his blog, Descent Into Slushland.

And that’s it for the blogger awards. Thanks to all of you who nominated me! I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

And since this post had random things about me, here’s a random video that I love:

31 thoughts on “Fabulous Blog Awards from Fabulous Friends

  1. You are too kind. I hardly feel worthy of having my blog called Blog of the Year. My blog is really just one guy’s thoughts and a place he feels comfortable sharing them with…the entire internet!

    So I’m guessing that since you play the guitar and love 80’s rock ballads, you probably have combined the two at some point? Which Def Leppard songs do you know? 😉

    Good luck tomorrow. No matter what happens, keep going. And don’t get rid of all your t-shirts. EVERYONE needs a few t-shirts, even if they say Han shot first. 😉

  2. Awesome post! But I might want to challenge you on that biggest tomboy statement. As a kid, jeans were too girly for me, so only were sweats, baggy boy sweats. 😉 Demo, Nihongo wa totemo suberashi desu.

    I might have totally botched that, it’s been 2 years since I studied Japanese.

    • Honto ni? Ii ne? Takusan hito wa nihongo suki desu ne?

      I’ll let you take the biggest tomboy crown if you want. There was a younger stint where I loved pink (pre-tomboy stage). I’ve relearned my love of pink these days, though green is probably my favorites, maybe blue.

  3. Congrats on all your awards and thank you so much for the nomination, it made my day! *Squee* It’s all so serendipitous I swear because I was nominated for something else like yesterday and I was going to pass it on to you (and a few others), I just haven’t typed everything out yet, lol! And thank you for being my friend in this blogosphere as well! I’m going to go do a happy dance now… 😀

    • I’m so glad I could make your day. I wish WordPress had a happy dance icon. They could borrow it from Yahoo or something. Anyways, I’ll just join you in spirit. *dance party!*

  4. Thank you thank you so very much!!! I loved your random things–like the power ballads (heck yeah) and the story about your time in the film business (sounds miserable indeed) and the potatoes and the good snow driving! Oh–and Amazon–same here!

  5. This was a great way to do it! These awards are a nice way to recognize blogs we appreciate, but they are very time consuming. I enjoyed reading your 15 facts. You’re from a part of the country I know little about (I’ve only been to Idaho and Utah once, and it was 16 years ago). As for reading 2-3 books per week, I’m a bit off this week (between birthday celebrations and taking work home). I’ve only finished one. Oh well.

    Congratulations again on Pitch Wars!

    • Thanks! If you ever do come out to Idaho or Utah, let me know and I’ll tell you all the places with the good eats and things to see. I love Idaho, but I’d probably recommend Utah for its scenic beauty. There’s Lake Powell (where they filmed a part of Doctor Who!!!), Arches—a fabulous park to see a lot of red rock arch formations and where we get our license plate cover from. Bryce Canyon is amazing in the summer and the winter, but it’s great for cross-country skiing in the winter—breathtaking sights. Zion National Park has a lot of beautiful hikes too, one being Angel’s Landing, which is crazy high and steep (don’t bring the kiddies). The other is called the Subway, which you have to get into a lottery to do because so many people want to do it. It’s pretty hard core too. I may do a post on it someday. It’s an all day hike. There’s Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and the Escalante area. Basically you’d probably want to fly out, rent a car and have at it. Salt Lake has its own unique beauty, as there’s a lot of Mormon Pioneer heritage here and especially beautiful around Christmastime for the lights and spring for the tulips. Plus Salt Lake has plenty of good eats. So yeah, loads to do in Utah if you ever get out this way. 😀

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