Pitch Wars History

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Pitch Wars, despite the fierce competition and sometimes high anxiety. And I’ve met a lot of great people.

Well, I was looking over the blog and realized it had been quite some time since I last did some scribbles. And since I didn’t feel like figuring out another things I love post, I decided comics it is.

I’ve had a lot of interesting and entertaining conversations during Pitch Wars from some very interesting and entertaining people. So now, you’ll see the tweet that inspired it and some of the people involved, plus a sprinkle of my imagination. May I present to you:

Pitch Wars, A History – The 2012 Edition!

First off a big thanks to Brenda Drake for creating this whole event in the first place and making it oodles of fun. You should check out her blog. I always wondered if Pitch Wars grew into something larger than she expected. So I drew this, imagining if submissions were fun-colored coffee mugs. First the tweet.   pwtweet01

And now the comic.

Pitch Wars

Well, Brenda, at least if submissions were coffee mugs, you’d never run out of mugs while you and the other mentors read submissions. Thanks again for making Pitch Wars possible.

Next up, poor Miss Dahlia, brace yourself. The tweet that inspired it:


And the comic.


Okay people, for Dahlia’s health and the health of every person who might ever read a query letter, keep it under 150,000 words. In fact, it’s probably better to keep it less than 100,000 in most cases.

Pitch Wars

We all know Marieke loves Doctor Who—in fact, love might not be a strong enough word. How can we say superlove? I know in Japanese we could just say だいすきだいすき!But anyways, the tweet.


I’ve heard Marieke is also responsible for a lot of getting Pitch Wars together. Thanks for all your efforts Marieke. And watch out for ninjas…

Pitch Wars

Heidi shared a photo with us of her mullet days. If you were a kid in the ’80s I don’t know if you could really escape mullet hair. Anyways, that sparked a whole slew of tweeting, involving FizzyGrrl, Ramon, and several others. And yeah, I’m fairly certain, Heidi, that we could have been twinners with that shirt.


Make sure you check out Heidi’s post to see the original picture in all its mullet awesomeness.

Pitch Wars

Ramon, I don’t know what you look like and, well, since you used Goofy as an avatar, there you are. I know parachute pants were more early ’90s, but Ramon seems like a guy ahead of his time anyway. FizzyGrrl, would you have worn moon boots? I’m picturing you as the type that might still be wearing moon boots. Also I just wanted to point out my happening bangs. I remember a couple friends of mine could get theirs 6 inches high. It was an impressive display of hair product.

G’ah! Watch out!

Pitch Wars

Anyway, I know tension is high, especially now that submissions are closed. There’s a lot of people who’ve submitted, and while we all struggle to calculate our odds and wonder, remember to take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s all going to be okay. And don’t take the poor mentors’ words for more than they mean.

Pitch Wars

All right Pitch Wars peeps. Back to polishing our manuscripts, queries, and perhaps even working on second books in the series while we wait. No matter what happens, I hope we can all agree it’s been a fun ride so far and from what I’ve seen on Twitter, most of us have learned a lot. I have a much better query than I did and I got my novel to a much better place. That’s winning already right there. Yes, we all desperately want mentors, but for those of us who walk away without one, there are plenty of other opportunities out there and now we’re better prepared for them.

So let’s talk. How has your Pitch Wars experience been? What have you learned? Have you met any fantastic people? Any advice you would give to those who didn’t get a chance to enter Pitch Wars? Any advice you’d give to authors who are looking to enter other contests? Please let us all know in the comments below.

And because I feel like we need it one more time.

Pitch Wars


48 thoughts on “Pitch Wars History

    • Thanks! You deserve it for putting together such an awesome event. I’ve loved meeting so many new people. I hope the submissions really aren’t coffee mugs drowning you. O.o

  1. Awesome post! You really did capture some of the best moments of pitcbwars. 🙂 Curiosity, how long does ot usually take you to do each comic?

    So far my pitchwars experience has been great, even if there has been some anxiety attacks over some of the tweets. 😉

    • It depends on the comic. The John Williams one I did awhile back took a long time because I really had to pay attention to detail. Drawing itself doesn’t really take so long, it’s the combination of everything to get it from paper to computer that takes forever. I usually have to trace it so I get a better scan, pull it into Photoshop and clean it up so Illustrator can make a clean trace, live paint it and bring it back into Photoshop so I can optimize it for web and save space. All these, probably longer than I want to admit. But it was so much fun I didn’t really notice how time flew.

        • Illustrator is AWESOME, but I understand your hesitation. I used to fear Illustrator too. It’s soo different from Photoshop, and yet once you get the hang of it you realize not so different at all. But I do it the lazy way. If you want your illustrations to look crisp it takes way more effort. I did an animation for the college I work for, very simple, but I wanted the characters to look crisp, which meant outlining by hand. It’s worth it though, and the nice thing about Illustrator is your graphic looks good no matter what size you make it. Lynda.com may have a few free trial lessons you could look into. I’m not sure how I could teach you over email… I could answer questions, but some of this stuff requires the in person training.

  2. This is awesome! I’ve only caught a small portion of all the awesomeness of #PitchWars, but I’m glad I didn’t miss this. This is great!

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel every time I complete something—especially writing. Especially when you realize the scene you were working on is much better than it was before. Best feeling ever! Thanks for stopping by. 😀

  3. *stands up and raises hand* My name is Brian and I’m NOT a Doctor Who fan. Now that we got that out of the way… 😉

    You would have gotten bonus points for making Fizzy’s pants acid wash. 🙂 Fun post. I like Dahlia’s because it’s so true.

    • I’m so glad you liked it! And I thought so on the moon boots. I really was drawing shoes and thought, okay somebody’s got to wear moon boots. Who could pull it off? Ding!

  4. I was pretty excited to see Tootsie Pops mentioned in this post because I love them.In fact, I have that retro t-shirt with the owl asking ‘how many licks to get to the center’ . ha. this is cool and it was really fun to read!!

    • I’m trying to remember what the most heinous aerosol was called. Aqua Net, wasn’t it? *googling*Yeah, Aqua Net! Our art teacher would use it to help finish off charcoal drawings. I guess they would smear less if you sprayed them with A.N. Aww, the good old ’80s!

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