things i love: Uncharted


It’s been awhile since I did a things i love post, but I’m back and this time with a video game. Wait, seriously? Yep and when I’m all through here you’ll understand. But first let me shower some love around to all you other peeps who did things i love posts while my own were on a mini-hiatus. Too many things going on, you understand…

First up Daphne did a fabulous post on something she loves which is Victoria Frances art. Go check out her post and you’ll easily understand why. The Mystic Cooking ladies also had a couple things i love posts, one from Kati and one from Heidi.

If you want to participate in the things i love blog posts, it’s really easy. Tell us what you love and pingback to this post or the original post so I can send people your way with future posts. Plus, it lets me know you wrote one and, people, I want to read these things! Help me out! 😉 You may also use the things i love graphic in a post on things you love.


What is Uncharted you ask? Think Indiana Jones meets Malcolm Reynolds with a little bit of Han Solo sprinkled in the mix. (Brian, this article is for you.) hero is Nathan Drake, a bit of a scallywag, but a treasure hunter with a heart of gold. He’s the Indiana Jones of our day, though he is especially interested in the treasures and exploits of Sir Francis Drake of whom he claims to be a distant relation.


A lot of games these days are turning into a kind of interactive movie/game hybrid. The story and voice talent for Uncharted are epic Hollywood movie quality (if not better), and you get to know the characters as though you’re standing right there beside them.

I love that they’ve put that much thought into story and acting for a video game. That’s why they got me hooked at Uncharted 1, why I devoured 2 & 3, and why I eagerly await game 4. It doesn’t hurt that the actress they cast to voice a character named Chloe was Claudia Black (better known to some as Aeryn Sun on Farscape.) Plus I guarantee you’ll walk away from the game thinking Nathan Drake is the long lost brother of Nathan Fillion. Sometimes I see a little Captain Mal. A wholly geek friendly game overall.

Nathan and Chloe, sitting in a tree...

Nate and Chloe, sitting in a tree…

The stories of all three are fantastic. A lot of my fellow Uncharted lovers like to play favorites with the games, but I like all three equally for separate reasons. I’d play them all again, and just may when I find the time again. (It’s a bit of a time commitment). Nate’s a character with clear motivations, which is what I think makes the story work so well. He’s got a snarky charm to him, yet underneath his tough exterior he’s a total softy. You know that even though he may engage in thievery, he’d do the right thing when it came down to it.

The villains are pretty good too, but especially in the third game where we get into a little more of Nate’s past. I really don’t want to spoil anything for you, just go play these games! (Or, if you must, I think there are the 3 hours of ‘movie’ footage available on youtube somewhere. Nope, no links. You’ll have to work for that if you’re skipping the game!)

Next up comes the superb soundtrack. Like I said, epic Hollywood movie quality. Greg Edmonson I see great things in your future. Just don’t abandon Uncharted—ever. Deal? Take a listen to the main Uncharted theme, which you can also pick up played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra on Amazon.

Lastly it’s just a lot of fun to play. There’s a lot of shoot-em-up, more than I tend to prefer in a video game, but that’s easily supplemented with puzzles and movie time. Think Tomb Raider, but with a dude. I love figuring things out right along with Nate, who sometimes clues me in if I’m lost. Hand to hand fights are epic, sneaking up on unsuspecting bad guys is fun, and the locations are amazing.

Uncharted puzzle

Puzzle shmuzzle. Piece of cake. Isn’t it…? Wait…

Talking about all this really makes me want to play the game again. Argh, time constraints! I know, I could limit myself to a 1/2 hour, but I really lack the discipline. It’ll have to be when I need a longish, like say a week break from writing.

Oh, a warning to those daring to venture into the games. There are some particularly frightening moments, so if you’re easily scared, reconsider playing the game alone at night. I’m serious. ladies, if you’re iffy about the game, let me put it to you this way: Why wouldn’t you want to spend several hours of your life with a hot, charming, totally in shape guy? Come on! 😉 (Yeah, I had still have a gamer girl crush on Nate. Trust me it isn’t hard). So steal your bro’s PS3 and play. I think the older Uncharted games are cheaper now anyway.

All right, now I’m putting it to you again. Come on, I know there’s tons more things you love. What else do you love that you can share with the rest of us? It doesn’t have to be a video game, it can be whatever you like. So what is it? Ping back to this post and let me know.

For those who have played Uncharted, best games ever? For those who haven’t, what do you say, are you willing to give it a try? Let me know all these things in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “things i love: Uncharted

    • It’s definitely a great “watch someone play” game. I’ll be he could find you the cut scenes somewhere if he won’t play it. Yikes, I shouldn’t have written about this, I’m missing me some Nathan Drake! 😉

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