Row80 Check-in Nov. 19th

Okay, people.

Some of you asked for it.

Some of you hoped for it.

Here it is.

It’s basic, but it’s 100% pure Babybel cheese wax. Bask in its redlicious glory!

Okay, I know, it’s not that exciting. The weather refuses to do anything but gray and gloomy. But it makes me smile and oddly enough gives me a craving for delicious gouda cheese.

If you really warm up the wax, you can create a lot more detailed figures. I did a wax pig for a friend once, but it was teeny weeny.

But we’re here for goals, by golly, and goals you’re going to get:

  • Write at least 3 short stories intended for publication.  I’ll probably try my hand at several more than three, but the hope is to find three gemstones among the rocks.
    On hiatus for now. I’ve got the 250 word contest I’m planning on finishing soon and another new contest called Pitch Wars. What? You haven’t heard of Pitch Wars? Well, if you have a finished novel, you should click on the link and get in on this. To state it simply, apply for a mentor, if they like you they’ll help you polish up your work to submit to an agent. Foot in the door? Maybe. Professional feedback? Yes, please!
  • Read the helpful books to prepare me for the editing fest that will be late November early December on Shade.
    So I know I’ve been saying On Writing would be next, but after Story I’m going to jump into Writing the Breakout Novel since Brian has been enjoying it so much and I think I’ll need its advice for Pitch Wars. And as always, I’m posting little nuggets of Robert McKee wisdom on Twitter. One of my favorite recent nuggets is: “In storytelling, logic is retroactive. You can set up what may seem absurd and make it rational.”
  • Have read all 201 available Anton Chekhov’s short stories, sprinkled with Hemingway and Bradbury.
    I’ve read 48 of 201 Chekhov short stories. I think when I hit 50 I’m going to switch to Hemingway, at least for a couple short stories. When you read Chekhov like I’m doing, so intensively, it feels a bit formulaic—at least the early ones do. I need a break.
  • Once December hits, tear Shade apart and polish it to pure awesomeness!  This goal has changed. Now that I’m doing two contests, Shade has come out early to play. I made it through seven chapters over the weekend in polishing, but I’m probably going to count it as four. I felt like toward the end I wasn’t as sharp. I may try to do the edit out of order thing, but I wanted to regain an overall sense of the story again. So now this goal will be called: Polish Shade to pure awesomeness!
  • No Treat November. Not bad, not great. I forgot to weigh in this morning to see if I’m making any headway. Hopefully Wednesday will mean progress. Although Thursday will probably undo all of it. Thanksgiving is a calorie-free zone, meaning calories go uncounted. I’m going to shovel down as much pumpkin pie, stuffing, and turkey as I can take. Mmmm… Thanksgiving…
  • The Holiday Book Read! I haven’t been able to get back to Abandon yet, but it’ll be this holiday’s book for me. Mini-review on Pretties still forthcoming. As usual, probably with spoilers, since I like to analyze the story and where I thought it wasn’t as strong as it could be.

Okay, there you have it. I’m still waiting for Daphne to decide what trio she, Brian, and I would be. I picked The Three Amigos. Brian picked Lord of the Rings. And you Daphne?

How about you fellow Row80ers and friends? I know some of you are doing contest, and some of you are NaNoing. Have any of your goals had to change suddenly? Are you going in a different direction than you thought? Let me know in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Row80 Check-in Nov. 19th

  1. Daphne Tweets trouble with logging onto WordPress. I think she got back on last night. Now she’ll have to catch up.

    Isn’t it funny how our goals constantly shift, and change? Even though we’ll likely land on different teams, I still plan on helping and cheering for you and Mystic Cooking. I think PItchwars is going to be a lot of fun. And I plan on enjoying every single moment.

    At least you’ll have a Thanksgiving feast to supply plenty of energy for the upcoming weeks. Keep pecking away at your goals and eventually they’ll all be finished. Good luck.

  2. Yay, wax rabbit! My day is now complete. 🙂 Kati and I are going slower than we thought on our Mystic Cooking sequel – our original goal was to be more or less done with the very rough first draft by the end of November, but I think we’re going to push that back to the end of December. I was doing really well on my no sugar goal…until my mom sent me a fancy hot chocolate maker. But I’ve hidden it away and plan to stay on track until Thanksgiving, and then afterwards.

    Nice to see your goals going well! And I think 50 Chekhov short stories definitely deserves a break. 🙂

    • Sometimes goals get unexpectedly interrupted. Like when you have to go to war—pitch war that is. I’m hoping you gals and Brian and I will all be there. I really think Mystic Cooking has a great shot. It’s unique and intriguing. You just need to get it out there for the mentors and I’m certain it will pique interest.

      Yeah, I’m a little Chekhov-ed out. I need a change. Unfortunately I don’t have any Bradbury on hand, but I think Hemingway will do nicely. It’s just a shame I can’t read it on my phone. Unless… I’m going to go see if my Kindle app counts for library lending…

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