Heard About Google’s Bacon Number?

I thought I’d take a little break from the things i love posting, but first I wanted to mention that the lovely Miss Alexandrina did a post on something she loves: time. Doctor Who mentions will ensue, so check it out.

Back to bacon.


Sorry. Once you’ve wiped the drool off your mouth, what I really meant was this Bacon.

Kevin Bacon

Most of you have probably played the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which is when you try and find the shortest path between an actor/actress of your choice and Kevin Bacon.  Well now Google does your thinking for you. (Hey, it’s inevitable anyway, isn’t it?)

All you have to do is fill in the blank with your actor/actress name and Google will do the rest.

bacon number

They say it’s rare to find a number higher than 4 and most I searched came up with 2.

Although Google sometimes feels a bit big brother-ish, I really do admire how well they know their audience. I always look forward to their April Fool’s pranks and other little Easter eggs they plop onto their site throughout the year.

And since we were already talking about bacon anyway. That bacon pic above is from a fun little website called Bacolicious which makes it possible to browse any website accompanied by bacon. Now if only they could make it appear on your screen for reals like Willy Wonka. That would certainly be deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.

How do you feel about bacon, either the food or the Kevin? What are some of your favorite Google Easter eggs?


4 thoughts on “Heard About Google’s Bacon Number?

  1. When we first heard about the Bacon number, my best friend was o. Him, my husband, and I ended up competing for naming an actor with the highest number. I was the only one that could come up with an actor that ranked a 4 (T.O.P, a member of the Korean boy band BIGBANG, who has starred in a few K-dramas and movies). But yes, we got a lot of 2’s too.

      • I’m more K-Pop fan than K-drama. Though I’ve watched some and am getting more into them. I recently finished watching Bachelor Vegetable Store and it was a long one, but with good pay off by the end. Because the one where the ending happy but luke warm for all the crap they endured…. Yeah. (The Woman Who Still Wanted to Marry pissed me off with an ending that wasn’t big win, and lukewarm.)

        I want to watch Boys over Flowers because I watched the Japanese drama version, some of the anime (OMG it was dated and horrible), and read the manga… And recently, they started doing To the Beautiful You (I think that’s the name), which is an adaptation of the manga Hana Kimi (which also had a Japanese drama version I loved… Well. the first version; they rebooted it like 2 years later and no).

        And since I brought up T.O.P, I’d be remiss in nit mentioning on my “to watch list” is one show he was in… A very actiony spy/thriller called Iris (it was so good they made a spin off called Athena and they are supposed to be filing a proper sequel now for airing in Feb in Korea).

      • I tried watching the Japanese drama version of Boys Over Flowers, but I absolutely detested the casting of the male lead. I know him from Kimi wa Petto and just can’t see him as a commanding, arrogant rich kid. Plus I don’t find him any sort of attractive, so the chemistry wasn’t there for me either. The Korean lead is much more manly and does the arrogance really well, yet still finds a way to be charming.

        I love Hana Kimi! I’m not sure which version I saw. *googling* Yeah, I saw the first version. Really good! I’ll have to check out T.O.P. Another one I thought was decent was Secret Garden. I thought Playful Kiss was okay to start, but the male lead was always mean and I couldn’t understand what it was that kept the girl attracted to him other than she thought he was hot, so I quit watching it. (Which is a shame, because the lead has one of the supporting roles in Boys Over Flowers and does a good job). My Princess is decent too, but as a writer I was a little bugged at why they’re supposed to be in love with each other—I didn’t really buy it.

        Anyways, I highly recommend Boys Over Flowers the Korean version. I’m still trying to find a decent new one to start on. Maybe I’ll try the Bachelor Vegetable Store. 🙂

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