Row80 Check-In Oct 29

Saw this coming into work one day.  Sometimes I feel like everyone else is oblivious to these changes. I’m fascinated with these colors, but it’s hum-drum to the people around me. I don’t get it. Can someone explain it to me?

And now the goals:

  • Write at least 3 short stories intended for publication.  I’ll probably try my hand at several more than three, but the hope is to find three gemstones among the rocks.
    I got some more feedback on Magic Color Tree, which included a great suggestion for a title, Trick or Tree.  Those who have read the story will known it fits it perfectly.  So long temporary title!  Hello fun, new one!  I haven’t written any new short stories yet, but I’m thinking it may be best to just focus on Trick or Tree for awhile, especially since the contest is coming up soon (Nov 15).
  • Read the helpful books to prepare me for the editing fest that will be late November early December on Shade.

    Received King’s On Writing in the mail and glanced over it a little.  I’m busy with McKee’s Story, but I’m eager to take a look at On Writing.  To be honest, I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately.  I can’t seem to get up in the mornings, which throws my whole day off schedule and often I have to drive into work instead of riding the train—where I get my reading done.  Hopefully Wednesday’s check-in will prove more fruitful.
  • Have read all 201 available Anton Chekhov’s short stories from ibiblio, sprinkled with Hemingway and Bradbury.

    I’ve read 22 of 201 Chekhov short stories.
  • Once December hits, tear Shade apart and polish it to pure awesomeness!  Coming in December…

Just had one of those weeks last week.  What can I say?  I think they’re a normal part of any writer’s life, so no need to beat myself up about it.  Instead I’m hoping to make up for it this week and make real progress.

How are you doing on your goals?  Did you have one of those weeks last week or did you feel pretty productive?


2 thoughts on “Row80 Check-In Oct 29

  1. I’ve also been sleeping in lately, which throws off my writing time. I blame the changing seasons and the fact that it’s still dark out at 7am, but I’m also hoping to turn it all around this week, too. Good luck! Be productive! 😉

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