Row80 Check-In Oct 22

jae scribbles fall leaves

I’m impressed with the ability of my camera phone.  I suppose it is 8MP but it isn’t like it has any other special camera qualities.  This is from that same canyon hike.  Some of the trees in town are sadly losing their beautiful leaves.  I know, it’s all part of the process, I just want to see those colors a little longer, ya know?

All right, onto the goals:

  • Write at least 3 short stories intended for publication.  I’ll probably try my hand at several more than three, but the hope is to find three gemstones among the rocks.

    The second draft of my short story is now 1475!  That leaves me room for word tweaks.  I got some feedback on it and there’s a few things I need to make more clear, but my reader liked the story.  I plan to take a couple pages of it to my group (we have a 2-3 page limit, and there’s 5 pages…) and see what my fellow writers have for feedback.  After draft three, it’s probably going to come your way Brian, and then I’ll set it aside and work on another.

    I also spent some of the weekend scouring old novels I’d written to see if I can section a 4000 word novella out of them for another contest.  Nothing is grabbing me yet.  I may end up passing on the novella contest…

  • Read the helpful books to prepare me for the editing fest that will be late November early December on Shade.

    Still reading Robert McKee’s Story and I’m posting some great quotes on Twitter.  It’s amazing that he can make you feel both inadequate and inspired at the same time.  If you haven’t read Story, you need to.  Pick up your own copy.  It’s great to read while editing or writing.  One of my favorite quotes I’ve read so far: “For talent without craft is like fuel without an engine. It burns wildly but accomplishes nothing.”
  • Have read all 201 available Anton Chekhov’s short stories from ibiblio, sprinkled with Hemingway and Bradbury.

    I’ve read 15 of 201 Chekhov short stories.  Some I really enjoyed, others less so, but the craft is always present.
  • Once December hits, tear Shade apart and polish it to pure awesomeness!  Coming in December…

Remember how last week I said I was lazy about how I finished my short story?  It’s always interesting when you go back later and take a look to see if your opinion had changed.  A little lazy?  Yes.  But bad?  Definitely not.  It gave me a fine skeleton to flesh out and I’m happy with how it’s progressing.

It was also fun to read over my old stuff and see how much I’ve progressed as a writer.  Hold onto your old work.  I know some writers might not want anyone to know they were ever as bad as that but honestly it gives me encouragement to see that I am improving.

Okay blog buddies, how are you coming on your goals?  And you fellow Row80-ers?


12 thoughts on “Row80 Check-In Oct 22

  1. A few months ago I read a page from a story I finished last winter. I’ll just say that it’s a good thing I’ve left it under the “bed.” Someday I’ll dig her out and rewriter her, because I still like the concept.
    Looks like you are making progress, keep it up, and have a great week.

  2. I like playing the goals game! I’m nearly done with Secret of the Dragon, about 150 pages to go. Really great book and I’m taking notes of how the authors write their characters. Someone wanted me dissect Flash Gordon, so I dug it out and will probably watch it Wed. I think I’ll wear my Grinch pajama pants. 🙂 And there are these Mysticcooking ladies who I’d like to talk to about the positives and negatives of writing a manuscript as a duo. What can I say, I’m curious. Goals are fun, especially when they involve dragon cuisine! 😉

    Apparently I’ll be getting a short story to read through soon. It’s funny because I’ve been looking to critique something lately as I wait to hear back from a small press. I’m looking forward to it!

    Does that mean I’ll get Shade as a birthday present? My B-Day is in December.

    Love the progress. You make me want to do more too. I guess that means you’re an inspiration…or the bomb diggety. 😉

    • Possibly. I guess if you’re good with a chapter at a time. I’m going to be doing this in several stages. I’ve been marking up a notebook as I read Story to make sure I do all these things for Shade. I sure hope I’m ready to tackle it by December… November’s a long month though, right? Right? 😉

    • I agree. And nice work. The first several pages are the most crucial to draw the reader in. I’m glad you were able to use your burst of energy on them. How do you feel about the progress? Good improvement? Surprising new direction?

      • I felt very good about it. I’m changing point of view in a couple of the chapters and that task was keeping me from getting to it. But as always, once I start the task I realize the anticipation was much worse than the work.

  3. I get rid of old work. I feel cluttered and like I’m holding onto the past and unable to move forward if I don’t. Yeah, weird huh?
    Good thing I don’t delete rough drafts of current projects lol!

    • I hold onto it, but I don’t look at it so often. Honestly, I looked over the novel I wrote when I was 14. I had lots of imagination, but my writings skills were… not great. Still, it’s encouraging to see how far I’ve come. Plus I rewrote that old story a few years ago and made it better and someday I plan to revisit it and fix it up again.

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