My Leg Status

For those of you following the blog regularly you may remember a couple weeks ago when I had a nasty encounter with river.  I am happy to report that the deep gash in my leg that required 14 stitches to sew up is healing nicely.

Last weekend I was a little stressed about getting the stitches out, since I’ve never bothered to get a primary care physician.  I know.  Laziness at its best.  It was either urgent care or the BFF.  Well, once she got her YouTube doctorate in removing stitches, this commenced:

removing stitches

A pair of tweezers, some new and sanitized, sharp eyebrow clippers, and voila!  What would have at the very least cost $35 turned into $0.  And apparently, at least according to our friends’ experiences, I got a much gentler removal.  Usually when they remove stitches at the UC or elsewhere, they bleed.  Not so with mine.

So the stitches are out, the wound is healing, I think the scar will be minimal.  Most importantly, I’ll be ready for some serious scuba and snorkel in Hawaii.

It’s odd how you take so many little things for granted, like being able to run up and down the stairs, walking without crutches, walking without your leg throbbing, and not having to carry a bag of ice with you wherever you go.

I certainly won’t be floating in a river sans raft again.

Okay fellow injury sufferers.  Your turn to dish.  What’s the craziest injury you’ve ever had?  How did you acquire it?  What’s the one thing you missed the most while you recovered from that injury? 


13 thoughts on “My Leg Status

  1. By far, the worst for me has been throwing out my back. A little over-exuberance during a high-intensity cardio session and I was brought to my knees by blinding pain. I couldn’t move/stand/sit/sleep right for a week. Miserable.

      • Yes! So much worse. That’s usually how I get in my cycle of on-again/off-again. Something takes me away from a healthy habit for a week and I’m back to my lazy old self. 🙂

  2. I broke the largest bone in the cluster that makes up your wrist. It happened during a basketball game when I was 18. I went up for a layup and the guy I blew by shoved me from behind (a dirty play). The momentum flipped me around and I landed on my hand. The bone broke completely in half. I had to wear a cast for eight months. Good thing it was on my left arm (unlike you, I’m a righty)!

    Your BFF is the best! If only she could learn how to apply the stitches too…then you’d have to start calling her Doc. 🙂 I would have tried to take the stitches out myself, like I did with my cast. The doctor gave me the dirtiest look when I went to see him after that. Glad to see you’re okay, and just in time for Hawaii! Have fun!

    • Eight months?! I think I’d die! What a rotten thing that guy did!

      Yeah my bff is pretty awesome. 🙂 But I’d do the same for her. It’s really fascinating, pulling out the stitches. Didn’t hurt at all either.

      *shudder* I still can’t get over the 8 months… Way too long to be injured. Sorry you had to suffer through that. 😦

  3. My craziest injury was when I split my foot open falling down the stairs because I had a sleeping ferret in my pocket and didn’t want to squash her…sounds a little strange when I spell it out that way. 😉 I took the wimpy way out and had the stitches removed by a doctor; I totally give you snaps for being brave enough to have a friend do it. Glad it worked out all right! -Heidi

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