Meeting Notes 05

I recently attended an Adobe Conference.  Doodling in the margins, however, did not begin until after I consumed a hearty chicken souvlaki lunch complete with lemon rice and fresh pita.  I felt like it was the half hour after Thanksgiving.  (Maybe the chicken was actually turkey!)

Why preface this way?  I wanted to let Adobe and anyone who instructed at said conference know it wasn’t because the material was boring, it was the threat of the food making me comatose at any moment.  Rather than falling asleep, I opted to doodle and still catch these valuable tips.  So, this pic may look a little hacked and slashed, since when they moved on in the workbook so did my doodles.

Note to Adobe Conference attenders: greek food + conference = sleepy time.  Go for Mexican food instead perhaps?


What could be better than a happy zombie celebrating his birthday with dogs, some fat kid and a magic R? Seriously?

And of course, mediocre haiku time.

dim vision drifts thoughts
with concoctions of comfort bring
Wynken, Blynken, Nod.

5 thoughts on “Meeting Notes 05

    • Thanks! Part of me wished they hadn’t moved on as quickly as they had to the next page so I could have finished the zombie. I know, I could have after the fact, but it’s less fun somehow that way.

  1. It’s always fun to see where your mind is with your doodles. What do you think would happen if you combined them all into one super doodle? Or maybe you could write a story with all of these doodles? Hmm…you may have something there. The zombie invited the chubby kid to his birthday party and the kid wonders where all the food is. The zombie tells the kid he is the food and eats him. Best zombie birthday ever! Not to mention there’s balloons!

    I needed a bit of fun today, thanks! 🙂

    • Ha! That really made me giggle out loud. Maybe I’ll do it as a short story. Never hurts to put out a few of those every now and again. If I do I’ll name the zombie Brian (unless you preferred being the unsuspecting fat kid). 😉

      • Not unless the chubby guy is six feet two inches and 207 lbs. 😉

        Great stuff! I would be honored to be a zombie as long as there will be balloons! Who can say no to balloons? Not this zombie! 🙂

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