Meeting Notes 03

I know, you were expecting more Backspace Conference Notes, and they are coming, I promise. I just wanted to break it up a little with a lighter post in between.

So the other day while in a meeting (where else), I was thinking back on my trip to New York. One of the stops I made was to the Hook & Ladder Company 8 building.

Why you ask? Okay, seriously, you don’t know what this is? When there’s something strange in the neighborhood… Yes! The Ghostbusters building! (Most of the best movies came from the ’80s. I dare you to challenge me on that.)

Well, I remembered Bill Murray spinning in a park by a fountain, and then what Ghostbusters scribble would be complete without Slimer?

So without further ado, the scribble.  And of course, in case my buddy Shantnu was worried, another mediocre haiku.

Monster in the fridge,
Nice ladies pay in advance,
Then dogs they become.

By the way, anyone remember this show?


2 thoughts on “Meeting Notes 03

  1. Wow! That building is still there? Cool!

    Yes, you’re Haiku’s are getting better. Keep trying, my child, and one day you will make it 😉

    I was dancing to the tune of GB. I liked the show as a kid. It’s still on TV, you know

    • Do you mean the cartoon or the movie? The movie, I think, will always be played on TV. It’s a classic! And thanks, I think they’re getting better too. One day I hope to move up from mediocre to decent, and then perhaps good. 😉

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