This week I’m heading off to the Backspace Writers Conference in New York City.  I had hoped to leave you with some more meaty posts before going, but I’ve been steadily preparing for the conference which includes professional feedback on my query letter, the first pages of the first chapter, and the first 10 pages of the novel.  I’m looking forward to learning how I can continue to improve my writing.  And I’m looking forward to all the networking I’ll be able to do, hopefully with some agents, but I suspect mostly with other writers (whom I love meeting).

I plan to post notes here on what I learned and impressions I came away with.  I may even throw in a few photos of fun things I did while in New York.  (Sadly, the Statue of Liberty won’t be one of them, it’s technically closed for renovations…  I mean, yes, you can go to Liberty Island, but can’t go in?  No thanks!).

I’ve been to a smaller writers conference and also came away with feedback (very helpful) and networked with writers (also very helpful, as they may know things you don’t).  But I think the big ones are best saved until you’re ready to handle feedback professionally, and that takes developing thick skin.  So for all you thin-skinned writers out there–start working up to it.

What do you think about writers conferences?  Helpful?  Not?  Post the details in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Just dropping by to say good luck, and have fun in the big city. Some pictures would be nice, maybe even a doodle or two!

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